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One More Week to Earn Q1 Rebates!

It’s hard to believe that the first quarter of 2014 is already coming to a close! For most people, this means the birds start chirping, the golf course turns green again, and baseball is back on television. For a anyone in the distribution chain, this is time to check your invoices, count your purchases, and make sure you’re taking advantage of all of the free money available to you from manufacturers! We have even redesigned the Quarterly Rebates page to make finding these rebates easier than ever before.  Simply click on the vendor logo to be directed to a page filled with...

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A DSR’s Guide to Understanding GHS

Technical specifications regarding chemicals and cleaning products is not typically an area of expertise for most DSR’s, making the recent changes regarding the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) especially daunting to understand. When it comes to selling these products however, your customers may have questions, and the following guide to GHS compliance converts the abstruse jargon into easily understood answers.   What is GHS? The goal of GHS is to simplify the classifying and labeling of chemicals for safety purposes. By attempting to create a unified system of chemical classification, the hope is to have a global understanding between all countries...


New Cascades Antibacterial Towels Add Defense Against Infection

Cascades Tissue Group has revolutionized hand washing, with the all-new award-winning line of antibacterial hand towels. With flu season at its peak, H1N1 running rampant, and head colds taking over our workplaces and homes, the time for fighting infection has never been better, making the extra protection offered by a new step in hand care regimens a welcome defense. To maximize the effectiveness of hand hygiene, Cascades Tissue has introduced the world’s first Antibacterial Hand Towel. Unlike ordinary paper towels, when this revolutionary paper towel comes into contact with the water on your hands, it releases an active ingredient that...


Score Big, With the Top Ten Super Bowl Supplies!

With the excitement of the holidays behind us, the focus of many sports-loving Americans turns to the NFL’s biggest event of the year. By now everyone is either a Denver or a Seattle fan, with their home team sidelined until Fall, as these two teams make their way to the most exciting television event of the year- Super Bowl XLVIII! Super Stats The Number One at-home party event of the year, the Super Bowl is second only to Thanksgiving in gluttonous consumption. The average party host will spend around $118 on food for guests, with chips and dip, popcorn and...


New Year, New Quarter, New Rebates!

With only 84.4% of the first quarter left, it is time to check out the new first quarter rebates!  These lucrative rebates save distributors money while giving DSRs an opportunity to earn a bonus by increasing sales of the products!  There are a few rebates that are even extended to the end-user, which encourages them to buy more as well. The first quarter rebate offers can be found on the Quarterly Vendor Rebates page.  Here is a brief description of what’s available: Related Posts:Clock Is Ticking for Q4 Rebates!Bigger Savings, Better Sales with Quarterly Rebates!Fourth Quarter Rebate Coupons Now Available!

Time is Running Out

Clock Is Ticking for Q4 Rebates!

New Years Eve is only two weeks away!  Besides being the last day in 2013, this day also marks the final day to qualify for DSR and End User Q4 rebates.  In case you missed them, here is a recap of all the great offers that can still be taken of advantage of until the end of the year… Related Posts:Fourth Quarter Rebate Coupons Now Available!Bigger Savings, Better Sales with Quarterly Rebates!Grow Your Sales With Q3 Incentives!


Featured Winter Products From Chase Products Company!

A warm winter reminder! Winter is upon us and many great Chase products can help you welcome the holiday season! Champion Sprayon® Vista Max™ and Anti-Fog Plexiglass Cleaner are great for cleaning those splattered and dirty car windshields and windows. Scents of the season are available with our Champion Sprayon® Metered Air Fresheners. Several of our 29 different scents are ideal for winter, especially Mulberry, Cinnamon Stick, Bayberry and Vanilla Bean. Chase Products Co. also makes many crafting and seasonal products including Santa® Snow. Simple winter decorating all in a can! Spray this snow to create that wintry look indoors...

Keeping Holidays Warm and Bright, With SternoCandleLamp

Have you ever been famished at a holiday party waiting patiently to finally eat, but by the time the food is served your meal is lukewarm, leaving a bitter taste of what could have been the best hot meal in a long time? What a disappointment! To avoid this hunger letdown, buffets are typically the preferred choice for many dining establishments, giving guests an assortment of hot, delicious food to choose from that’s ready to serve when they’re ready to eat! For the holidays, restaurants will be planning holiday buffets, caterers will be serving special events, bars and pubs will...


Distributors and End-Users to Earn Massive Q4 Diversey Rebates

Distributors are typically stuck in the middle of supply and demand, in that they supply themselves with what their customers demand, with little room for personal preference. Every so often, however, an incentive so appealing comes along, that it becomes necessary to nudge your supply-demanding customers towards a given group of products. Such is the case with Diversey’s lucrative fourth quarter rebate incentives on purchases through December 31! Distributors have the opportunity to earn up to $7500 in Diversey rebates on qualifying purchases, the sales of which are helped along by an additional group of rebates for End-Users! Talk about...

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Solaris Paper Announces Improvements to Hand Towels

Solaris Paper, formerly known as Oasis Brands, has rolled out product changes to select paper towel SKUs in an effort to continue their commitment to added value and sustainability for their paper products. These subtle modifications include adding a new product to the Livi VPG line and also enhancing the Livi Basic multi-fold towel. Read on to learn more about these changes, and understand how they’ll effect your customers. Related Posts:Oasis Brands Paper Products Are Now Solaris PaperSolaris Receives Arthritis Foundation’s Ease-of-Use Commendation for…Advising Your Customers on the Benefits of Paper Towels vs. Hot Air Dryers