IBS Introduces A New Generation Of Gloves


Mike Coulon
Sales Manager – Jan/San
Inteplast Group – IBS

“We are excited to launch a New Generation of Gloves called InteFit®. This new unique glove will be great addition to our current glove program. The gloves are made from LDPE with a special polymer that gives it the extra stretchability and flexibility.

A Few of the features and benefits:

InteFit® are environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable and the slim box packaging material is reduced by 25% vs. the traditional vinyl glove boxes.

InteFit® gloves have no latex, no vinyl, no powder to cause allergic reactions.

InteFit® gloves are a great alternative to Vinyl and Latex gloves.

InteFit® gloves conform to FDA compliance for food contact and food handling.

InteFit® gloves can be used in food preparation, baking, housekeeping, office cleaning, supermarkets, and for other general purpose uses.

InteFit® gloves are the right glove for the time…Go get yourself a pair.”

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