A Seller’s Guide to Summer Parties- Part 1

white balloonsComing up in just over a week is the official Summer Season kick-off- Memorial Day! This unofficial start to party season means that everyone from grocers to caterers are readying themselves for their busiest season of the year. There will be graduation parties, weddings, Father’s Day, Independence Day, company picnics, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, and labor day all celebrated over the next few months. One thing that these parties all have in common is that they will all require a high degree of preparation to be successful- that is where you come in. Having the right products at the right price means your customers will be better prepared for the Summer parties, with one less thing to worry about.

Part One of this two-part Seller’s Guide covers the most common party needs for At The Table, and the products that best fit the bill.

Table Covers

Any good outdoor party requires table covers. It’s more sanitary, and it gives the party planner a chance to add to the decor with fun colors that fit the party’s theme.

  • Lapaco offers a variety of rolls of 40″ x 300′ poly table covers in colors like navy blue or burgundy for graduation parties, or classic black for upscale events.
  • Vintage also has rolls of 40″ x 300″ poly table covers in white- perfect for weddings, for a lower cost option, or for customers without a color preference.


Whether it’s buffet style, family style, or fancy plated service, no meal can be enjoyed without something to serve it on. It might be a casual event, requiring the bare minimum, or it might be upscale and require only the best.

  • Classy disposable dinnerware is EMI Yoshi’s specialty, and they do it quite well. Their dinner plates come in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. For every course, from appetizer to dessert, EMI has the perfect plates, bowls and platters to bring out the beauty of the food (and the event!)
  • Chinet has been a trusted household name in disposable dinnerware for decades, and is also a sound choice for your customers’ outdoor events. Choices range from plastic to premium paper, to their harvest line of recycled fiber dinnerware. With choices of black, crystal clear, white, or color combinations like burgundy and grey, there are plenty of options to suit your customers’ needs.
  • Vintage is always a trusty choice for standard paper plates and food trays. The classic white paper plate fulfills most outdoor picnic’s requirements– it’s a place to put a hot dog and potato salad, and it’s low-cost enough to please even the most discriminating buyers. It’s the perfect no-frills dinnerware.


Another party essential is drinks. Be it iced tea from a pitcher, beer from a keg, or champagne from a bottle- they can’t make it into a guests mouth without a little help from some type of drinking vessel.

  • EMI Yoshi carries the torch for options and elegance. Their perfecty-portioned Party Bombers make it easy to enjoy Jaeger Bombs, Irish Car Bombs, or whatever concoction the bartender is serving, in a fun and colorful plastic cup. Elegant stemware for champagne or Neon Tumblers for cocktails are also beautiful ways to serve a drink that’s sure to impress- without the dishwashing mess.
  • Who can forget the red Solo Cup? A staple for any party with a keg, there are 100o cups per case at a price that may be more economical than the grocery store.

Cutlery, Placemats and Napkins

Typically, party guests prefer utensils to eat with and napkins to be clean with. It might be fancy event, it might be a tailgating party. Here’s a sampling of some good options that get the job done right, for any occasion.

  • Lapaco is well known for their rainbow of colorful products. Their bright yellow napkins cheer up a baby shower, while their burgundy scalloped placemats coordinate well for graduations. Their elegant white lace doilies are an obvious choice for weddings.
  • Marcal has the perfect 8.5″ x 8.5″ cocktail napkins to prevent sticky messes at the bar or table.
  • What looks fancier than cutlery bound in a napkin? Even plasticware gets all dressed up when you wrap it in a colored napkin band from Fischer. Available in a variety of coordinating colors, these 1.5″ x 4.5″ paper bands come 2000 per case.
  • Vintage Cutlery is always a standby- sturdy and reliable for the right price. Available in white, black or honey, and as single wrapped, bulk boxed, or as kits, Vintage cutlery gets food-to-mouth as efficiently as possible.
  • EMI Yoshi, of course, has everything. From tasting spoons to serving forks, EMI has all of your cutlery needs in a variety of colors to dress up any party theme.

This should cover most of your customer’s AT the table needs. Check back soon for Part 2- Behind The Table, where everything needed for serving and cleaning up will be highlighted. Don’t forget to check out the links dispersed throughout the article to access the PDF sell sheets that accompany each product!

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