A Seller’s Guide to Summer Parties- Part 2

As a continuation of A Seller’s Guide to Summer Parties- Part 1 which addressed tableware and food service supplies, this post wraps up all of the other supplies, cookware, and clean-up products that take a party from good to great- before, during, and after the celebration.

Let's PicnicA good party is often judged by what the guests actually see and experience, but more often than not, it is the preparation and work on the back end of the party that determines how successful it will be.

The following product categories are critical to any good party. Helping your customers select the proper products for their needs will make you the unsung hero of the events they plan this Summer.

Whether it’s a wedding, a family reunion, or a work picnic, every event will benefit from having the right supplies- read on to learn what your customers need and how you can be a valuable consultant in fulfilling those needs.

Catering/Cooking Supplies

Many Summer events are catered parties. From casual Pig Roasts to elegant weddings, caterers must be well equipped to prepare and serve fresh, hot and delicious food to guests. Unlike a backyard barbeque, a bowl with a spoon in it doesn’t always cut it! The products listed below ensure delicious food for every party:


  • For casual grillers, the Novelis BBQ Buddy is a foil pan that fits on any grill and allows for easier grilling of smaller items, preventing flare-ups and lost food. The BBQ Buddy was actually just voted by the Retailers’ Choice Committee as one of the most innovative items displayed at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas! See more information here.
  • Steam Table pans and lids keep food warm for guests, and are essential for feeding a crowd. Novelis, Pactiv, and Trinidad offer several varieties of steam table pans and lids including full size, half size, deep, medium, and shallow depths. These aluminum steam trays ensure that the quality of the food will be preserved until it reaches the customer’s plate.
  • Canned Heat serves to keep steam table trays and other prepared foods hot. Sterno Candlelamp (the newly branded merger of Sterno and Candlelamp) has a full line of chafing fuels that work for any catering needs. They also offer a variety of ambient lighting options to set the perfect mood for after dark.


If the food being served needs to make it from point A to point B safely and intact. This requires quality packaging for items such as cakes, fruit and veggie platters, and other foods. Quality foil wrap and plastic wrap also ensures fresh food stays fresh as long as possible.birthday cake

  • What good is a party without dessert? A cake is the perfect way to congratulate or honor someone in a way that every guest can enjoy. Pactiv and Inno-pak offer several options for cakes. Pactiv has an APET black base round cake container with a 5.75″ clear dome lid that fits 10″-11″ cakes for smaller parties, and Inno-Pak has a 19 x 14 x 4 half-sheet cake carton with a window for parties with a few more guests. For full sheet cakes, don’t forget baker’s pads such as Honeymoon Paper’s full sheet white coated option.
  • If party guests demand a healthy option, EMI Yoshi has the perfect tray for fruits and veggies, as well as sandwiches, desserts or other finger foods. The 18″ round ConServe tray is made from polypropylene, meaning it is also an excellent green option that won’t release toxins into the environment. There are also various options of clear lids to match.
  • Aluminum foil is essential for a variety of uses from grilling, to serving, to preserving leftovers. Novelis offers the Royale 12″ x 1000′ rolls of standard foil, a must have for everyday kitchen needs. Vintage also offers an assortment of  plastic wraps and film to suit any food service application. For serving wrapped sandwiches, McNairn has a large selection of thermal wraps that keep hot foods hot and fresh, from the kitchen to the plate.


When the party is over and the guests go home, the clean-up fun is just getting started. In my opinion, the best gauge of how successful your party was is the size of the mess. A bigger mess means guests had too much fun to be concerned with being tidy! For efficient clean-up of these post-party disasters, there are a few essentials to make it easier.

  • Can liners are not only important for trash receptacles during the event- they are critical for clean-up after the event as well. Having a strong, sturdy trash bag that holds up to big jobs will make the process run as smooth as Garbagebagpossible. Vintage Can Liners are economical, and come in a variety of high or low density, with several sizes and bottoms to choose from. Vintage 40 x 46 2 mil premium can liners hold up to 45 gallons of refuse, and are perfect for large trash receptacles. For larger messes, there are also 60 gallon 2.4eq mil low density liners from Vintage in interleaved rolls. Inteplast also offers a greener option, with biodegradable can liners that withstand the heaviest of jobs without being a burden on the environment.
  • Aside from trash detail, after-party clean-up means a lot of dish washing and surface cleaning. Performance Plus Pink Dish Detergent is an effective and economical option, available in gallons or 5 gallon pails, ready to tackle the dirtiest jobs. Clorox also has a variety of chemicals that are perfect for cleaning and disinfecting all post-party messes. With Clorox’s new Smart Tube technology, customers can now get the most out of every spray bottle.

This weekend officially kicks off the Summer season. While it’s still quite cool in some parts of the country, there is no denying that the days of outdoor parties are now beginning, and the sooner your customers are prepared, the better off they’ll be. Avoid stock shortages and delays for these events by consulting with your customers now to ensure that every party this summer is a success from start to finish. For sell sheets on any of the products mentioned here, click on the links for the item, or visit our Literature by Vendor page to find valuable resources that will make you a Summer Party expert.

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