Be Your Customer’s Floor Care Expert for National Cleaning Week

Every year, National Cleaning Week is celebrated during the last week in March- this year, it’s March 24-30, 2013– and is geared towards motivating people to begin the “joys” of Spring cleaning. While in many parts of the country it still feels far from Spring-like outside, the season is fast upon us to shake off the Winter doldrums and amplify our cleaning efforts. For your customers this often means deep cleaning, floor scrubbing, mass organizing, and preparing for the busiest time of the year. This post will transform you into a floor-care expert, readying your customers for increased cleaning during National Cleaning Week and throughout the Spring cleaning season.

National Cleaning Week is upon us!

One of the first orders of business during a major Spring cleaning undertaking is floor care. Especially in the salt belt of the United States, keeping floors pretty during Winter is nearly impossible- making the big Spring clean-up a necessity to undo the damage of the cold, snow, mud and salt tracked in all season long.

An important element to effectively removing tracked-in salt is neutralizing the acidity of the salt before mopping. A special chemical such MidLab’s Maxim Nice Salt Neutralizer added to the mop bucket will effectively alter the pH of the salt, gently cleaning it away without harming floor finishes. More tips on salty floor care can be found here.

Using the right kind of mop is also important. With so many to choose from, which is best? Cut-end or Loose? Natural or Synthetic? And what’s the best mop handle to use? With so many questions, a less-informed customer might just opt for the cheapest options. There are, however, strong arguments supporting the importance of a higher quality mop. Zephyr has created an excellent sell sheet that demonstrates the cost of the “mop myth”, which shows in real dollars how much a customer can save over the course of a year by using a looped-end, synthetic fiber mop head over the cheaper, loose-end mops. But alas, every mop has it’s place- view Zephyr’s Mop 101 sell sheet to help your customer determine what their individual mopping needs may be to ensure the best route to clean floors.

Having a quality dust mop also goes a long way in keeping floors clean after the major Spring cleaning efforts. Microfiber is especially recommended for it’s efficiency, economy, and environmentally-friendly attributes. The small synthetic fibers grab finer particles of dust more effectively than natural fibers can, which keep floors free of the dust and debris that abrasively scratch and dull the surface of floors. (For a really cool infographic on microfibers, click here.)

If your customer wants a completely non-traditional and easy way to clean and care for floors, open their eyes to the innovative Mopster Bucketless Mop from Impact. With a variety of different heads for different applications, the Mopster handle can easily accommodate a variety of floor care needs. With an 18″ hook-and-loop frame or a 16″ collapsible frame, each of the washable or disposable heads can be kept on the janitor’s cart for easy cleaning without the bucket. The handle system comes equipped with a 32oz refillable bottle that can be used with any cleaning solution, making it possibly one of the most convenient ways to clean floors. Extra bottles can be kept on hand as well, for quick changing of solutions when cleaning different surfaces.

Whatever your customer’s needs may be, there is a solution for every cleaning problem. As their sales professional, it is your job to find out what those needs are, tailoring a solution that will improve their work flow, their bottom line, and their cleaning efforts. With these tips and resources you’ll be a Cleaning Week expert on floor care- proving to your customers that when it comes cleaning, you really care!

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