Cascades Tissue Now Offering New Smaller Towel Dispensers!

In the world of dispensers, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. When it comes to small spaces, historically a business owner has had very limited options when it comes to smaller towel dispensers – at times having to resort to putting a roll on the counter or sink when wall space is in short supply.

To fill this need, Cascades Tissue Group has recently announced they are expanding their Tandem+ dispenser family to include the Tandem+ Nano System, a compact and space-saving towel dispensing system that is tailored for tight spaces!

The new smaller towel dispenser was designed to fit in limited-space areas such as:NANO_sell sheet_NA_EN(1)

  • doctor’s offices
  • break rooms
  • food prep areas
  • hand washing stations
  • small restrooms
  • education/daycare


Space Savings

The Tandem+ Nano system of towel dispensers have a smaller footprint than the existing Tandem+ No Touch System, measuring roughly 12.6″ x 11.6″, even smaller than the competition’s compact dispensers. It takes up less room when space is at a premium, allowing users to load hardwound towels easily and efficiently with a color-coded bushing system.

The Tandem+ Nano System uses Cascades roll towels in 600′ lengths, available in either Ultra White (#1328) or Natural (#1329).  It is offered in either Black (#1339) or White (#1539), with a transparent advertising window that comes with a stock message and the option for customers to create their own messaging or branding at

With the Tandem+ Nano system, even the smallest spaces can take advantage of a more hygienic touchless dispensing system, no longer restricted to using multi-fold towels or rolls on the sink. Patrons will even enjoy a quieter dispenser, with the mechanical noise reduction feature, perfect for office settings!


tandem+nanoEnvironment and Cost Savings

As with all Cascades Tissue products, the environmentally friendly paper products for the Tandem+ Nano system are made from 100% recycled fiber, with a minimum of 60% post-consumer material, and are Green Seal and Green-e certified.

The Tandem+ Nano towels are also pre-cut to 9.5″ sheets, leading to less waste than multi-fold towels, with a reduction of 40% paper usage. This smaller towel dispenser system leads to both a reduction in operating costs, and a reduction in paper that ends up in the municipal waste system.



1339              Tandem+ Nano            Black             12.63″ x 11.6″ x 7.25″
1539              Tandem+ Nano            White            12.63″ x 11.6″ x 7.25″

1328        Cascades for Tandem+ Nano            Ultra White    7.5″ x 600′            12/cs           5/10 (ti-hi)
1329        Cascades for Tandem+ Nano            Natural            7.5″ x 600′            12/cs           5/10 (ti-hi)


For more information on the Cascades Tandem+ Nano system or Cascades Tissue Group, visit our Cascades Vendor Literature Page or click here.

Tandem+ Nano

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