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All New from Anchor! The Best in Food Packaging for Your Customers

Are your customers looking for the best and most innovative foodservice packaging available? The following Press Release, issued by Anchor Packaging on Monday, announced the “All New Anchor Culinary Classics® Convertible Containers”: “(St. Louis, MO) January 14, 2013 –Delivering the same upscale quality you have come to expect from the Anchor Packaging Culinary Classics® line, these redesigned products are now available with a consumer-removable, perforated, hinged lid. Available as 9” x 9” and 9.5” x 10.5” in either 1 or 3 compartments, the six containers comprising this product line can handle temperatures up to 230F, and may be staged under...


New Literature From Chicopee Now Available!

New sell sheets and brochures are now available on our Literature by Vendor page from Chicopee, an innovative manufacturer of non-woven fabrics used in foodservice, healthcare, and industrial applications. From their website: For more than a century, the name Chicopee® has been synonymous with unrivaled expertise in wiping applications and pioneering technologies. The company has a rich history of inventing, developing and successfully marketing wipes products designed to meet ever-evolving consumer and professional needs. Today, as a company of PGI, Chicopee® continues to uphold its legacy of innovation by providing the industry’s most established and trusted brands. Chicopee offers several...

Offering the Best in Hospitality for Holiday Travel Season 1

Offering the Best in Hospitality for Holiday Travel Season

It’s true what they say- there’s no place like home for the holidays! However, with the busy travel season upon us, it isn’t always possible to enjoy the comforts of home. Celebrating the holidays often means traveling to see family and friends, who aren’t always conveniently located. Fortunately, the hospitality industry offers places around the country that assimilate home, as a sometimes-preferred alternative to staying with relatives. Hotels and motels experience a bit of a revolving door this time of year, happily accommodating holiday travelers who are busy spreading their yuletide joy. It is critical for these establishments to be...

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Foam or Paper? An Unbiased Comparison

With a wealth of information available that argues both sides, the decision between using polystyrene foam or wax-lined paper disposables is not an easy choice. The paper industries and environmentalists argue that polystyrene foam is non-biodegradable, non-recyclable, and toxic in the landfill. Foam manufacturers argue that, since foam is 90% air, its effect on landfills is minimal and requires less energy to produce than wax-lined paper. To respond to both arguments, unbiased, we at RJ Schinner have put together an FAQ sheet to aid your customers in making a choice that works for them. Q. Paper is Recyclable… So Paper...

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Now Stocking: Performance Plus Manual Dish Soap Concentrate!

If your customers are looking for a high quality manual dish soap without the high cost name, RJ Schinner now offers an exclusive product that is the perfect solution. Introducing Performance Plus Pink Dish Soap! Specially formulated for maximum cleaning at a minimum price, this multipurpose soap can be diluted for use as a hand soap, or used full strength in small quantities to tackle the dirtiest dish washing jobs. Just one ounce of Performance Plus is all you need for every gallon of hot water, meaning each bottle can be stretched to wash 128 sink fulls of dishes! That...

New- Fresh Products’ Spiced Apple Bowl Clip, Perfect for the Holidays 3

New- Fresh Products’ Spiced Apple Bowl Clip, Perfect for the Holidays

The holidays are a happy time, often conjuring up memories of the sweet smells of pine trees, cookies baking, mulled cider, and pumpkin pie. The holidays are also a very busy time, meaning stores, restaurants and even offices have a harder time keeping up on a clean bathroom- making the smells of the season less than desirable. Fresh Products has a solution for that! In business since 1941, Fresh Products is the #1 manufacturer of industrial and institutional block deodorants in the USA. Their environmentally-conscious designs mean more freshening power in a smarter, more efficient product. Just in time for...

New Vintage Literature Available 24

New Vintage Literature Available

When your customers demand economy, and won’t compromise quality, Vintage Products are a perfect fit! With a large selection of paper products, foodservice products, can liners, gloves, and soap, Vintage offers an economical solution for any application. Now available for download are two new Vintage Brochures featuring an updated look, but the same reliable quality your customers can appreciate. The new brochures show everything we have to offer in the Paper and Can Liners category for Vintage Products, with a stylish and modern new look. Visit the RJ Value Brands section of our blog using the navigation bar at the...

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Need a Hand With Disposable Glove Selection?

At RJ Schinner, we currently offer a wide and varied selection of disposable gloves. From foodservice to cleaning, there is a glove for every purpose- but how do you know which one is right for you? At Glove University, you can learn all about the various types of disposable gloves and their appropriate applications. This overview is a great starter guide for selecting the right type of glove for your needs: Latex gloves offer a unique blend of comfort and protection. Resistant to puncturing, these gloves serve as an optimal barrier against biological contaminants. Made from natural rubber, latex is...


Novelis Releases New Pie Pan

Novelis has recently added a new “petite”  foil pie tin, in a convenient, 4-slice 6″ size. This smaller portion size is sure to appeal to a large portion of the market (especially baby boomers and seniors) who want to have their pie and eat it too…without having to throw half of it away! These 6″ tins can be used for pot pies, fruit pies, cheesecakes, or whatever the imagination allows, and still fit in bakery’s current nesting equipment. In a growing convenience-food marketplace, Novelis is right on target with a product that caters to a demographic that still consumes smaller...


Novelis Releases New BBQ Buddy Catalog

Prepare your customers for next year’s grilling and barbeque season! Novelis has just released a new catalog for the BBQ Buddy. Ideal for vegetables, fish and chicken, the BBQ Buddy is a grilling pan that keeps small food items from falling through the grate while protecting those foods against burning and charring. 100% recyclable, its universal fit will also improve the taste of your customers food and aid with clean-up. Download the catalog at Literature By Vendor page. Questions or orders, please contact RJ Schinner for information.