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Stock up for the Big Game!

Less than a month to go! With the holidays behind us, the focus of many Americans turns to the NFL’s biggest event of the year, the Super Bowl. This year marks the 53rd annual Championship game, and it will be played on February 4th, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Super Bowl Sunday” is considered by some as an unofficial American national holiday.  According to the USDA, it is the second-largest day for U.S. food consumption, after Thanksgiving Day. In addition, the Super Bowl has frequently been the most-watched American television broadcast of the year; Super Bowl telecasts account for 23 of...

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Getting a Handle on Plastic Bag Bans

In a previous post, we examined some important legislation that passed this summer focusing on polystyrene containers and cups.  Additionally, there has also been much momentum in the push for plastic bag bans in certain municipalities. Legislation like his has been attempted in the past, only to dissolve before it ever comes to fruition. Whether that is the case for this go-round has yet to be seen, but with the nature of the green movement it is highly likely that more environmental shifts will be occurring within the packaging industry. A perfect harbinger of change is the recent acquisition of Duro Bag...

Prepare Your Customers For the Seasonal Harvest!

While it’s winding down, it is still summertime, and along with that comes the best time of year for seasonal fruits and vegetables! As we get closer to fall, the cornucopia will be overflowing with the results of the summer harvest, leading to an increase in fruits and vegetable sold, bought, and consumed. This is the time of year to take advantage of this seasonal trend, and promote the goods needed to accommodate your customer’s fresh-picked bounty. The journey from the farm to the store or restaurant is the easy part, as everything travels in bushels. Once it reaches the...

A Seller’s Guide to Summer Parties- Part 1

Coming up in just over a week is the official Summer Season kick-off- Memorial Day! This unofficial start to party season means that everyone from grocers to caterers are readying themselves for their busiest season of the year. There will be graduation parties, weddings, Father’s Day, Independence Day, company picnics, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, and labor day all celebrated over the next few months. One thing that these parties all have in common is that they will all require a high degree of preparation to be successful- that is where you come in. Having the right products at the...

Down, Set, EAT! Preparing Your Customers for Super Bowl Parties

Get ready to strap on your party helmet and loosen up your belt buckles, it’s football time! In America, Super Bowl Sunday has become one of the largest at-home events of the year. With television and food as the focal points of the party, the menu is usually more casual as opposed to a formal sit-down dinner, allowing the food to be easily enjoyed without missing the game. This event is also a massive opportunity for food service establishments to prepare and sell increased quantities of taco dips, chicken wings, and other ready-to-serve foods! Rivaled only by the other pot-luck...

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Foam or Paper? An Unbiased Comparison

With a wealth of information available that argues both sides, the decision between using polystyrene foam or wax-lined paper disposables is not an easy choice. The paper industries and environmentalists argue that polystyrene foam is non-biodegradable, non-recyclable, and toxic in the landfill. Foam manufacturers argue that, since foam is 90% air, its effect on landfills is minimal and requires less energy to produce than wax-lined paper. To respond to both arguments, unbiased, we at RJ Schinner have put together an FAQ sheet to aid your customers in making a choice that works for them. Q. Paper is Recyclable… So Paper...


RJ Schinner Joins Foodservice Packaging Institute

RJ Schinner Redistribution is pleased to announce our membership with the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI), adding us to their growing list of converters, suppliers, and affiliate members. For over 75 years, the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) has been the material-neutral trade association for converters, raw material and machinery suppliers of single-use foodservice packaging products. Our membership with FPI will enable us to stay abreast of knowledge related to the industry, giving us deeper insight into market trends, product information, and valuable market research that will enable us to help you better serve your customers. This membership comes at a time...

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Download the New Huhtamaki Full Line Catalog!

As of mid-October, Huhtamaki will be releasing their newest full line catalog- but RJ Schinner has it available for download as of today! Click here to view it in PDF format, and download it for online viewing. You can also access it from our blog at anytime, simply by clicking on the Literature By Vendor button on the menu bar, and scrolling down to the link under the Foodservice category. Huhtamaki, the makers of Chinet, offer many varieties of paper and food service products to suit all of your business needs. To order Chinet or other Huhtamaki products, visit our...


Check Out Sterex Gloves

We’re adding to our Sterex Glove line.  Have you seen the full offering?  Check it out. It starts with Clear Vinyl, here. For medical environments, try Vinyl Exam, here. To save on foodservice gloves, try Stepic Synthetic, here. And there are more to come!


Peer Study Finds Polystyrene Foam Products Consume Less Energy Than Renewable Materials

Rosemary Anderson      Media Contact     847-482-2297 Findings from a peer study commissioned by the American Chemical Council and Plastics Foodservice Packaging Group have found polystyrene foam products to consume half as much energy as wax-coated paperboard cups and one-third as much as PLA clamshells. Please visit the following link to access the full report.