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Did You Re-Use A Takeout Container Today

    “Unlike single-use, foam or paper containers, Anchor Packaging polypropylene (#5PP) take-home containers are designed to be reused again and again. Made from the same material as reusable food storage containers purchased in stores.   • MicroRaves platters, bowls, and lids   • Culinary Classics and Culinary Basics hinged lidded containers   • Microlite deli cups and lids   Saves Energy!   Anchor’s #5PP containers are specifically designed for microwave re-heating instead of stove or oven heating which requires longer heating times and more energy. Recycle! After multiple uses over several months, recycle the Anchor #5PP container when it...


100% Recycled Handle Bag

From Duro Bag “Recycled paper products are in high demand because of the growing awareness surrounding the movement towards sustainability in today’s marketplace. Duro Bag recognizes this and has made it a top-priority goal to help retailers provide an environmentally-conscious “green” customer-carry solution. Now you can meet their needs with Duro’s patented “Original” 1/6 Handle-Up Bag TM now in-stock using 100% Recycled Paper. Consumers are concerned about the environment and want to make the right choice for the environment. They also want a bag that is easy to carry and strong enough to hold their purchases. 100% Recycled Paper, made...

IBS Introduces A New Generation Of Gloves 12

IBS Introduces A New Generation Of Gloves

  Mike Coulon Sales Manager – Jan/San Inteplast Group – IBS “We are excited to launch a New Generation of Gloves called Inte‐Fit®. This new unique glove will be great addition to our current glove program. The gloves are made from LDPE with a special polymer that gives it the extra stretchability and flexibility. A Few of the features and benefits: Inte‐Fit® are environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable and the slim box packaging material is reduced by 25% vs. the traditional vinyl glove boxes. Inte‐Fit® gloves have no latex, no vinyl, no powder to cause allergic reactions. Inte‐Fit®...

Life After Quilon 8

Life After Quilon

The global supply of material for Quilon pan liners is dropping.  In this new market, you still have options.  McNairn has highlighted what you can do with life after Quilon.  Check it out here.


Nova Adds Pan Liners

The Nova line has added pan liners.  These liners present a cost-effective option for you to gain market share.  Contact your RJ Schinner salesperson to get information about Nova pan liners.

How to Load a Crisp Food Container 11

How to Load a Crisp Food Container

Did you know you can get one whole chicken into one Anchor crisp food container?  Check out this flyer to see how to do it. Using the crisp food container, your customers can take full advantage of Anchor’s unique technology.  With carefully designed venting and ridges to keep food raised, Anchor’s crisp food containers are the perfect solution for foods like fried chicken.