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Helping Your Customers Reduce Flu Incidences in Just 30 Seconds 1,170

Helping Your Customers Reduce Flu Incidences in Just 30 Seconds

Now in full swing, this year’s flu (H3N2) in particular has been quite severe- with a 6.2% increase in incidence over last year, as shown on the map to the left. With your customers surely looking for ways to minimize their risks, Reckitt-Benckiser has issued a brand new sell sheet for Lysol Professional products– specifically for cold and flu season! On the sell sheet are various options for antimicrobial cleaning, with a 30-second kill claim guarantee for H1N1 and H3N2, as well as 50 other microorganisms. There are few things in life that come with a full guarantee. One guarantee...


Advising Your Customers on the Benefits of Paper Towels vs. Hot Air Dryers

When it comes to cleanliness and the prevention of the spread of bacteria and viral infections, everyone will agree that hand-washing is hands-down one of the most important measures one can take. A less clear question is, which method of hand-drying is more effective in preventing the spread of germs? The answer is paper towels, according to a recent study from the Mayo Clinic published in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. In a selling situation, it may be difficult to argue the benefits of paper towels over hot air dryers when the customer is price-sensitive. Many business...

clorox for cold and flu 12

Have You Prepared Your Customers for This Year’s Agressive Flu Strain?

The flu is no joke- every year during flu season thousands of people across the country miss work, lose pay, visit the doctor, and some are even hospitalized or die on account of a pesky little virus. According to the CDC website, this year’s strain of swine flu, called H3N2v, has the CDC concerned for several reasons: First, infections with influenza viruses (including variant viruses like H3N2v) can sometimes cause severe disease, even in healthy people. This can include complications (like pneumonia), which can require hospitalization, and sometimes result in death. Second, this virus seems to spread more easily to...


RJ Schinner is Now Carrying Sun Products for Kitchen and Laundry!

Now, the trusted brand names your customers love at home are available for use anywhere they need them! RJ Schinner is now carrying Sun Products from Diversey, a full line of kitchen and laundry products, specifically engineered for commercial applications to get the job done. For the kitchen, Sunlight has multiple sizes and formulas of dishwashing detergent, ideal for either handwashing or automatic dishwashing. Available in Lemon, Lemon Boost, LemonOxi, and Fresh formulas, your customer can choose between powdered, liquid, gel, or individual pouches, all guaranteed to cut through greasy messes while being gentle on skin, leaving nothing behind but...

Happy World Toilet Day! 17

Happy World Toilet Day!

World Toilet Day has been celebrated since 2001, and according to the website, was created as an “international day of action (that) aims to break the taboo around toilets and draw attention to the global sanitation challenge.” Such a simple invention, the toilet was put into widespread use in the late nineteenth century (although ancient civilizations such as the Romans and Egyptians used a crude type of toilet as well) and Thomas Crapper (no lie!) was one of the early makers of toilets in England. Prior to the porcelain throne, people of the western world either used outhouses, or chamberpots...


Review Food-Handling Safety Procedures

In addition to our series of articles on food safety, The Daily Meal has an excellent slideshow focusing on the the “15 Things You Need to Know to Practice Food Safety.” A good review of the steps when handling food, like raw meat and eggs.   “When beginning your work in the kitchen, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with getting everything ready and making sure your recipes are organized, but always remember to wash your hands before handling food.” Of course, RJ Schinner can supply you with anti-bacterial hand soaps to help insure food safety.

National Food Safety Month Wrap-up 2

National Food Safety Month Wrap-up

Week 4 of National Food Safety Month is Preventing Cross-Contamination During Storage, Preparation, and Cooking. In conjunction with this, Week 5 is Preventing Cross Contact. This catchy animated video, set to the tune of Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, serves as a friendly reminder of the dangers of cross-contamination in the kitchen. As the video so eloquently states, microbes can kill you. To avoid cross-contamination in the kitchen, many professional chef’s utilize a multicolored cutting board system to ensure that vegetables and meats are never prepared on the same surface. This is a great practice, as it takes an extra...

NFSM Week 3: Can 9,000 Deaths a Year Be Avoided? 13

NFSM Week 3: Can 9,000 Deaths a Year Be Avoided?

Editors Note: This is the third installment of a special series related to September’s National Food Safety Month. View the postings for Week One and Week Two to stay caught up on all things food safety! Welcome to Week Three of National Food Safety Month! This week, the focus is on “Cleaning and Sanitizing Practices That Will Prevent Cross-Contamination.” Cross-Contamination can be described as the moving of pathogens from one food to another, which is ready to eat and will receive no further cooking. An example would be allowing cooked food to touch uncooked food, or surfaces that were or...

Cleaning Shortcuts Come at a High Cost 16

Cleaning Shortcuts Come at a High Cost

There is a new trend sweeping the nation called “skip cleaning” that’s gained popularity in the post-recession world of cleaning. The idea is, by cutting back on cleaning, you’ll save money on electricity, cleaning supplies, and commercial cleaning labor costs. In theory, the idea makes sense, but while cleaning shortcuts may save money in the short term, the long term cost to your health and your assets may not be worth the bargain. Many companies have opted to reduce their janitorial services to save money, which results in less vacuuming, less sanitizing, and longer periods between deep cleaning. The negative...

Blog Reminder: Training Aides 20

Blog Reminder: Training Aides

RJ Schinner is committed to providing DSR’s with training and other information to help you expand your knowledge. Please visit the Training Aides section for helpful information on Foodservice, JanSan, Liners, and general safety. This section is updated so check back often.