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Cascades North River: A Green Paper Choice

Have you heard about the green products Cascades is making?  The North River brand is a great, environmentally-friendly paper option.  Don’t take our word for it, though.  Check out what folks in green industries are saying.

Risk Management: The Lacey Act 25

Risk Management: The Lacey Act

Your paper products are no longer risk free.  With the recently passed Lacey Act, you have a greater level of responsibility for the origin of wood fibers used in your paper products. Stefco understands the risks involved, though.  Check out this presentation on the Lacey Act to see how to stay covered.

Nova Adds Facial Tissue 29

Nova Adds Facial Tissue

The Nova line of paper plates has added a new SKU. Check out the Nova 100 Facial Tissue. Get the details and a promotional price here.