Empress Earth for Earth Day!

Celebrate the 46th Anniversary of Earth Day with Empress Earth Products!


Empress Earth is a brand new line in the Empress Family of Products.  The Empress Earth Bagasse Products utilize what would commonly be a waste product from sugar production (Bagasse) to make a wide variety of sustainable products.

Why Sugarcane?

Sugarcane is a renewable plant in two ways. Sugarcane plants can be harvested more than once, and are a crop that grows after it is cut and planted again.

Since sugarcane is a renewable and fast growing plant, the by-product (crushed sugarcane stalks, referred to as Bagasse) is a great raw material to use for making products such as bowls, plates, clam-shells and platters.

Empress Earth Bagasse products are pressed in a high-heat, high-pressure process. They are 100% compostable, heat tolerant and can even be put in the microwave or the freezer.  At Empress Products, we understand the need for compostable products made from environmentally friendly raw resources. With this new bagasse line, there are sure to be more sustainable options to fit all of your needs!

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The Empress Earth Bagasse line is available in:EPL-EDHL Empress Bagasse 1Cont - 3STACKED

  • Hinged Containers, 1 and 3 Compartment, Various Sizes
  • Heavy Weight Plates, Various Sizes
  • Heavy Weight Bowl
  • Heavy Weight Platter



Click Here for the Sell Sheet (PDF) of the Newly Introduced Empress Earth Bagasse Line!



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