Clorox Discontinues 182oz and 96oz 6.15% Bleach to Make Way for 8.25% Concentration

Clorox has chosen to discontinue production of the 6.15% Ultra Concentrated Bleach. The formula offered has transitioned to an 8.25% sodium hypochlorite concentration, which will now be sold in 64oz (#31009) and 121oz (#30966) bottles, replacing the 96oz and 182oz bottles. (View Sell Sheet here.)

Why the change?

1. Increased kill claims:

  • New 5 minute C. Diff kill time
  • 39 vs. 38 kill claims
  • 3 vs. 1 influenza kill claim

2. Better disinfecting value:

  • 20% use cost savings in 121 oz pkg.
  • 13% use cost savings in 64 oz pkg.
  • New 1/2 cup vs. 1 cup dilution

3. Better bottle and corrugated package

4. Updated dispensing tools/dilution system

5. Smaller dimension = more bottles per pallet!  See new sizes below:


The new dimensions will increase the pallet count from 42 cases to 50 cases for the 64 oz bottles, and from 40 cases to 56 cases on the 121 oz bottles! That’s 148 more bottles of 64 oz and 48 more bottles of 121 oz bleach for the exact same pallet!

The new 8.25% concentration of Clorox Germicidal Bleach features a 1/2 cup/gallon dilution ratio, compared to the 6.15% concentration’s 1 cup/gallon dilution ratio- this means that while there is less product per bottle, there is actually twice as much cleaning power! This not only contributes to a lower cost per use, but an improved environmental impact as well. The reduction in packaging, water, and materials equates to saving:

  • 3.6 billion light bulb hours
  • 1.4 billion 16.9 oz bottles of water
  • 140,000 trees, and
  •  54,000 barrels of oil!

Be sure to educate your customers on the upcoming changes to Clorox Germicidal Bleach Concentrate, and inform them of the incredible benefits to them, the health of their customers, and the reduced impact on the environment. Sometimes, less really is more! Your customers will also benefit from the new advanced dilution/dispensing equipment, which can be read about here. For usage instructions and dilution quantities, click here.

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