Distributors and End-Users to Earn Massive Q4 Diversey Rebates

Distributors are typically stuck in the middle of supply and demand, in that they supply themselves with what their customers demand, with little room for personal preference. Every so often, however, an incentive so appealing comes along, that it becomes necessary to nudge your supply-demanding customers towards a given group of products. Such is the case with Diversey’s lucrative fourth quarter rebate incentives on purchases through December 31!

Distributors have the opportunity to earn up to $7500 in Diversey rebates on qualifying purchases, the sales of which are helped along by an additional group of rebates for End-Users! Talk about a Holiday Bonus! So just what’s in store for potential earnings?


Distributor Rebates

Distributors have their pick of options for Diversey rebates through the end of the year. Whether it’s household brands like Ziploc or Windex, or commercial bulk favorites like Sun Products, any combination of these items add up to huge savings. Two additional rebates were added for November and December purchases only, and include the usual “True Savings” suspects, as well as additional insect control products- perfect for keeping critters out as the winter chill creeps in. These bonus rebates are worth an incredible $4000 in combined savings.


Oct 1-Dec. 31 Regular True Savings General (Fantastik, Glade, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, $1,000
Windex, Ziploc)
Oct 1-Dec. 31 Regular True Savings Powdered Multi-Purpose Cleaner (All) $500
Oct 1-Dec. 31 Regular True Savings Laundry (All, Wisk, Sun, Cuddle Soft, Snuggle Surf) $1,000
Oct 1-Dec. 31 Regular True Savings Dishwashing (Sunlight) $1,000
Nov 1-Dec. 31 Bonus True Savings General (Drano, Fantastik, Glade, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, $2,000
Windex, Ziploc)
Nov 1-Dec. 31 Bonus True Savings Insect Control (Off!, Raid) $2,000


End-User Rebates

A Distributor doesn’t have much use for the products if their customer’s are not buying them. Solution?  Make it easier for them to buy! Your End-User customers are also eligible for huge Diversey rebates through year’s end, with a potential for $900 in rebates on products such as All Laundry Soap, Snuggle Fabric Softener, and Sunlight Dish Products. The best part is, every purchase your customers make saves them money, and saves you money!


Oct 1-Dec. 31 Rebate Coupon Powdered Multi Purpose Cleaner (All) $300
Oct 1-Dec. 31 Rebate Coupon Laundry (All, Wisk, Sun, Cuddle Soft, Snuggle, Surf) $300
Oct 1-Dec. 31 Rebate Coupon Dishwashing (Sunlight) $300

Be sure to take advantage of these special Diversey rebates before time runs out. The holidays move fast, and this is the time of year where bigger savings are critical to everyone’s bottom line. Click on the links above to view, download or e-mail the PDF version of the rebate coupons, or download them at anytime from the DSR/End User Incentives Menu on the RJ Schinner DSR Blog.


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