DSR’s Product Guide for Automotive Service Professionals Week

This week we salute those men and women whose knowledge and expertise keeps us on the road! The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has declared the week of June 9-15 to be National Automotive Service Professionals Week. Created in 2005, it’s a day where we stop and appreciate all of their hard work– for without them, the sales person’s journey from A to B would not be possible.

Odds are, you spend more time being their customer than they spend being yours, but if you don’t already have a steady stream of Automotive Service Professionals on your list of customers, we’ve gathered s0me product ideas (and lesser known uses for common products) that will make their jobs a lot easier, and give you a better idea of what products are needed in the automotive industry.

After all, they do so much to help you do your job, this week you can return the favor! (Click any of the product links below to view and download the literature for the product mentioned.)


Rags & Towels

It’s no wonder they’re referred to as Grease Monkeys…with dirty hands and oily parts, there’s always a mess to clean. Shop towels are an obvious and important necessity in any shop or garage, and your standard kitchen towels just won’t do. There are a variety of reusable rags and heavy-duty disposable towels on the market, many with convenient dispensing options. Below is a sampling of product literature specific to automotive/industrial needs.

Auto Mechanic Checking Oil



Disposable gloves make handling parts and dangerous chemicals safer and cleaner in the shop. Nitrile gloves offer superior puncture resistance and chemical protection, but lack the dexterity of latex. Latex gloves have the allergen issues, but fit like a second skin- a huge bonus when working with small parts. Click below for literature to assist you in fulfilling your customer’s needs.



General Purpose Degreasers

Whether it’s for general, light cleaning, or heavy duty part and machine cleaning, every shop has degreaser in one or more forms. Just as you can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs, you can’t work on machines without spraying some grease! In sizes ranging from quart spray bottles, to 55-gallon drums, a general selection is listed below that will help remove grease that ends up where it isn’t supposed to.

greasy machine


Car Care Cleaning Solutions

So, it’s important if the vehicles run, first and foremost. The second most important thing is ensuring that they look good! Whether it’s a wash and wax, or an interior detail, there are several options for keeping every ride spic and span, with the right car care cleaning solutions.

car wash



Hand Soaps & Wipes

Plain old hand soap won’t work on the dirt these hands accumulate. That’s precisely why there is a bounty of extra-strength, heavy-duty, specially-formulated degreasing hand soaps out there for manual laborers. Options include pumice based soaps, walnut scrubs, citrus formulas, and more, all designed to rid hands of the grease, oil, and grime that builds up after a long day under the car (or hood).

Auto mechanic holding oil filter


Oil Dry and Concrete Cleaners

Automotive Professionals need a place with plenty of room to do their work- whether it’s a garage or a shop, there are guaranteed to be spills, stains, and messes as a result of the job. Concrete floors are ideal for the grease and oil that’s involved with the automotive industry, but concrete can’t just be mopped like tile or vinyl flooring. A porous material by nature, oil, fuel and other chemicals sink into the concrete leaving a lovely stain behind. Pressure washing often does the trick, with the help of oil dry before hand, and chemical assistance to make the stain removal easier. See the options below.

pressure washer

  • Neo-Wood Clean Sweep – Available in grit or no grit formulas, in either 50lb or 100lb containers.
  • RMC Fuel and Oil Cleaner – Part of the PRS series, this product is specially designed for hydrocarbon stains.
  • Maxim Extra Heavy Concrete Cleaner – This products gets the job done effortlessly (almost).


Utility Carts

While there are many useful tools available to the automotive professional, perhaps nothing is more useful (or back saving) than a utility cart. Whether it’s a flat cart, pictured below, for carting heavy objects across the shop, or a two-tier cart for holding parts while they work- an extra surface can be a mechanic’s best friend. The options below from IMPACT are all constructed with heavy-duty resins that hide the grease and hold up to the job.


  • IMPACT Utility Carts – Flat carts, tiered carts, janitor carts…if it moves things on wheels, IMPACT has it!


Cleaning Supplies

At the end of the day, every profession needs cleaning supplies. Mops, brooms, trash cans, etc. are all staples to have in any shop. There are some supplies though, that are especially important to the automotive service professional. Below is a list of items that you may not think of for traditional cleaning, but are staples in any good shop.


Bonus Products for Handy Tricks and Tips

Small nuts and boltsResealable plastic bags are for more than just sandwiches! They can store nuts, bolts, small parts, and more. Every shop should have a supply of these on hand to keep things together and not all over the cart or the floor. Another option is small paper bags, which also serve to absorb the grease from the parts while inhibiting rust formation.


iStock_000005754814SmallStep aside, school lunch– a cafeteria tray is also useful for organizing parts! They allow a workbench to remain organized, while keeping needed parts accessible. It may not be as tasty as a delicious chicken patty with a side of peaches, but the nuts and bolts each have their own section for easy retrieval and efficient workflow.



Last but not least is the coolest trick I’ve learned in a long time (and I tested it personally!). Aluminum foil and water can remove rust from chrome. That’s right- the surface rust that forms in the tiny pores of the chrome coating can easily be buffed away with a wet ball of foil!

Other tutorials also used cola, or other materials, but with plain aluminum foil and a little elbow grease, the surface of any fender or chrome detail can be shined right up, making aluminum foil a MUST HAVE in any shop! See the video below for how it works.



There you have it- a comprehensive guide to products you may not have known were important to the Automotive Service Professional! Keep them in mind this week, as you venture out on the road. Your sales would not be possible if they weren’t behind the scenes keeping your vehicles and delivery trucks running smoothly!

Visit our Literature by Vendor page to download sales materials for any of the products listed by clicking here.



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