Empress Anti-Microbial Vinyl Gloves Now Available!

Empress Anti-Microbial GlovesEmpress Products have just released a new line in their glove offering, Anti-Microbial Vinyl Gloves.

Varied industries, from supermarkets, restaurants and food processors, to healthcare facilities and Jan/San suppliers, face concerns regarding microbial cross contamination. More broadly, distributors and end-users in these industries face the weight of bio-burden in their products and services. Bio-burden refers to the number of bacteria living on an un-sterilized surface. It’s a factor that is often difficult to measure under everyday conditions, but it’s an ever-present concern wherever health safety is a top priority.

Simply put – protecting your products and customers from “bad germs” is a constant, ongoing process. That’s where Empress’ premium line of Anti-Microbial Vinyl gloves comes in, filling a much needed space in the defense against potentially harmful bacteria.


Why choose Empress Anti-Microbial Vinyl Gloves?

Empress Anti-Microbial Gloves help eliminate bio-burden concerns that untreated gloves can’t address. Specifically, your gloves have the potential to pick up bacteria and fungi before they even reach your hands. From the cleanliness of the production facilities, to the shipping conditions and storage environment, there are many factors that increase the bio-burden on your gloves. These anti-microbial gloves, however, reduce bacteria growth in and on the glove immediately, starting from the day they’re made – for a fresh, clean glove every time. Germs_from_Hand

The gloves work by breaking down the bacteria or fungal cell membranes, starting on contact. This means that a few cells of bacteria unknowingly picked up from a touched surface don’t become millions of cells living on your gloves. Since the anti-microbial solution is built into the glove at manufacture, not added as a topcoat or spray, the gloves continuously prevent bacteria growth before, during, and even after their use. In fact, the anti-microbial gloves have proven efficacy from the day they’re made, up to five years after manufacture.

Empress Anti-Microbial Vinyl Gloves stand as a new line of defense in the prevention of bacterial and fungal growth. Try a pair yourself and see how the specially designed anti-microbial solution even adds a measure of softness to these vinyl gloves, to help put both your hands and your mind at ease.

Benefits of  Empress Anti-Microbial Vinyl Gloves:

  • Highly Effective against many bacteria and fungi.AntiMicrobial
  • Anti-microbial solution built into gloves during manufacturing process.
    • Protection that won’t fade with time or wear.
    • Prohibits bacterial and fungal growth from day one – worry less about the bad germs your gloves could pick up during shipping & storage.
  • Lifetime Protection – not only do the anti-microbial gloves offer microbe-inhibiting safety on contact from the day they’re made, they provide this same protection throughout the lifetime of the glove.
    • Prohibit the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi on the gloves up to at least five years after manufacture (that’s just how long they’ve been on the market!).
  • Proprietary anti-microbial solution registered with the EPA
    • You can wear these gloves without concern for the possible migration of anti-microbial chemicals to people, food, or products
  • Specially formulated anti-microbial solution provides a softer vinyl glove.


Point of Sale Sheet

Point of Sale Sheet

Empress Anti-Microbial Vinyl gloves come in powdered and powder free varieties.

Click here to be taken to the Sell Sheet for Empress Anti Microbial Gloves.


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