Empress Food Service Segment Expanding!


Over the last two years the Empress family of product has grown to offer several categories in the food service packaging arena, including gloves, cutlery, food trays, straws and stirrers, food service film, and paper plates.  Now, RJ Schinner is ready to introduce more additions to the food service segment with premium lines of Portion Cups, Deli Containers, Polystyrene Cups, Polypropylene Cups, PET Cups, Food Service Foil, Hot Cups and Empress Earth, a green line of products.


Quality products, great value and attractive packaging are what you will come to expect with all Empress products. Empress will allow our distribution partners the confidence to know they can compete with any line when it comes to quality, value, packaging and availability. Please read more to find out about these great products headed your way soon!

Empress Expansion - Portion CupsPortion Cups

Made of durable, crack-resistant polypropylene, EMPRESS PORTION CUPS are a sturdy choice for serving anything from salad dressing to whipped butter. For carryout, it can safely transport side sauces such as ranch dressing, marinara, salsa, and more, and its translucent PET lid construction allows customers to easily see the cup’s contents. Portion cups are available in black and clear, and ranging in size from 0.75 oz to 3.25 oz.  With only three different sized lids, you can cover all 14 cup SKU’s, which will simplify your stock.

Check out the Empress Products Literature Page here, for more information on Portion Cups and the other great Empress offerings.


Empress Expansion - Deli Containers

Deli Containers

Keep food fresh in your kitchen and securely stored for customer take-out with EMPRESS DELI CONTAINERS. Made from polypropylene, this line of clear round deli tubs are microwave-safe, durable and shatterproof. A matching lid seals in hot or cold foods, keeping items fresh for longer. At your restaurant, catering business, or take-out counter, these containers are convenient for food storage and transportation. Choose from a variety of sizes to suit any type of food, with a lid diameter that fits all round tub SKU’s to simplify your stock.

Empress Deli Containers are available in 8 oz up to 32 oz sizes.

Click here for the POS sheet on Empress Deli Containers


Empress Expansion - Polystyrene CupsPolystyrene Cups

Introducing a complete line of translucent Polystyrene cold cups from Empress. EMPRESS POLYSTYRENE CUPS are an economical choice for your favorite beverages, offering an alternative to PET. They remain rigid and tough, while being lightweight. These versatile cups are perfect for catering, schools, home-users etc, with an upscale look and excellent value pricing. Available in a range of sizes from 5 to 16 oz, these single serve cups will accommodate your cold cup needs.

Click here for the POS sheet on Empress Polystyrene Cups


Empress Expansion - Polypro Cups

Polypropylene Cups

Empress Polypropylene Cups are a great choice for all your cup needs. They are made of a thick polypropylene, most often used for cold liquids, but strong enough to hold warm liquids too. Polypropylene has a good chemical resistance, serves as a good vapor barrier and is fully recyclable. In fact, polypropylene is easier to recycle than almost any other plastic, reducing environmental impact. Empress Polypropylene Cups have extraordinary clarity, and are crack resistant. With availability of sizes ranging from 5 oz up to 16 oz, there is sure to be a cup to suit your needs.

POS sheet for Empress Polyproylene Cups


Empress EarthNew ** Empress Earth – Bagasse Line

Empress Earth Bagasse Products utilize what would commonly be a waste product from sugar production (residual sugar cane juice) to make a wide variety of sustainable products. Since sugarcane is a renewable plant, the by-product is a great raw material to use for products including bowls, plates, clamshells and platters. Bagasse products are pressed in a high-heat, high-pressure process. They are 100% compostable, heat tolerant and can even be put in the microwave or the freezer. Empress Products understands the need for compostable products made from environmentally friendly raw resources. With this new Bagasse line, there are sure to be more sustainable options to fit all of your needs! The Bagasse line includes hinged containers, plates, bowls and platters.

Click here for the POS sheet for the Empress Earth – Bagasse Line.


Coming Soon to the Empress Family of Product:

  • PET Cups

  • Hot Cups

  • Food Service Foil

We know that our distribution partners will find tremendous value in the Empress lines of products. We are very excited to be in a position to help you grow your market share with these offerings. If your customers are looking for high quality products at a great value, please look to Empress for their long-term solution.



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