Empress Literature

Empress Cold Cups
Empress Hardwound Towels and Dispensers
Empress Foodservice Take-Out Options
Empress Foodservice Take-Out Options – Low Res
Empress Foodservice Foil
Empress Earth Mineral Filled Polypropylene Containers

Empress Master Catalog
Empress Earth Catalog

Empress Sell Sheets

Cutlery – Banquet – Heavy weight Polystyrene – Sell Sheet
Cutlery – Bistro – Medium weight Polystyrene – Sell Sheet
Cutlery – Gala – Extra Heavy weight Polystyrene – Sell Sheet
Cutlery – Empress – Medium weight Polypropylene – Sell Sheet
Cutlery – Essentials – Heavy weight Polypropylene – Sell Sheet

Cutlery – All lines, Handle Comparison Sheet

Deli Containers Sell Sheet
Food Trays – Sell Sheet
Portion Cups Sell Sheet

Foodservice Film – Sell Sheet
Foodservice Foil – Sell Sheet

Foodservice Recyclable – Recyclable Items

Disposable Gloves Sell Sheet
Latex Gloves Sell Sheet
Nitrile Gloves Sell Sheet
Vinyl Gloves Sell Sheet

Paper Plates – Sell Sheet

Paper Product and Dispensers – Sell Sheet

Hot Cups & Lids – Sell Sheet
Drinking Straws Sell Sheet
PET Cups & Lids – Sell Sheet
Polypropylene Cups Sell Sheet
Polystyrene Cups Sell Sheet

Toilet Seat Cover
Towel and Tissue Dispensers Sell Sheet

Empress Earth Sell Sheets
Empress Earth – Bagasse – Sell Sheet
Empress Earth – Bio Blend Cutlery Line – Sell Sheet
Empress Earth – Paper Straws – Sell Sheet

Empress Elite Sell Sheets
Empress Elite – Paper Products

Not all items are available in all locations. Please contact your RJ Schinner Sales Representative for more information.