Empress Product Line Expands

empress-productsEmpress Product Line Expands

RJ Schinner is excited to announce an expansion of the Empress premium line of products, now to include new straws, hot cup sleeves, wrapped polypropylene cups, PET flat lids, and toilet seat covers.

Quality products, great value and attractive packaging are what you will come to expect with all Empress products. Empress will allow our distribution partners the confidence to know they can compete with any line when it comes to quality, value, packaging and availability. These additional products will provide greater flexibility to meet your customer’s needs and exceed their expectations. Please read more to find out about these great products headed your way soon!


Empress Straws

Milk Straws

Adding to Empress’ existing line of straws, the Empress Milk Straw is an attractive, practical option for a variety of drinks and cups sizes, and as the name suggests – perfect for milk!  Each case contains 24 boxes of 500 Milk Straws.

Empress Straws

The Empress Milk Straws are:

  • 5.75″ long
  • Semi-slim
  • White with Red Stripe
  • Paper Wrapped
  • Case Pack 24/500

Spoon Straws

Empress Spoon Straws are perfect for slushies or other icy drinks.  Long enough to fit any frosty treat container and wide enough to handle the thickest shakes, the spoon scoop at the end of this straw will give your customers ease of use.  Each case contains 18 attractive Inner Packs of 300 Spoon Straws.

The Empress Spoon Straws are:

  • 10.25″ long
  • Jumbo size
  • Red
  • Film Wrapped
  • Case Pack 18/300


See the Empress Straw Point of Sale sheet Here

Empress - sleeve300x300Hot Cup Sleeves

Add a layer of protective insulation and give your beverages a more sophisticated look with Empress Hot Cup Sleeves.  These are the newest addition to Empress Hot cups, and will even work on 10-20oz Empress Earth Hot cups as well!  Add these to your arsenal of Coffee Shop Dome Lids, Flat Lids and Hot Cups.

  • Fit 10-20oz Empress Hot Cups
  • Stock Coffee Print
  • Case Pack 1000

Download/View/Print the Empress Hot Cup Point of Sale Sheet Here.

E9P_PPro9 oz Wrapped Polypropylene Cups

Empress Polypropylene Cups are a great choice for all your cup needs.  They are made of a thick polypropylene, most often used for cold liquids, but strong enough to hold warm liquids too. Polypropylene has a good chemical resistance, serves as a good vapor barrier and is fully recyclable.  In fact, polypropylene is easier to recycle than almost any other plastic, reducing environmental impact.  Empress Polypropylene Cups have extraordinary clarity, and are crack resistant.

The new 9oz Wrapped Cups from Empress offer the same ease of use as the other Empress polypropylene cups, with the added hygienic protection of a sealed plastic wrapping.  Only available wrapped in a 9oz versi0n, but compliments the complete line of Polypropylene cups which range in size from 5 oz up to 16 oz.

  • 9 oz wrapped
  • 20 bags of 50 cups/bag

View the Empress Polypropylene Cup Point of Sale Sheet Here.


PET Flat Lid – No Straw Slot

Empress PET cups and lids are made from an extremely clear, durable and tough material. PET is an odor and flavor resistant thermoplastic resin, meaning they can maintain the original flavor and aroma of food and beverages placed in them.  PET cups are freeze, heat and crack-resistant, which helps make them one of the most popular plastic materials in the market. Empress PET cups are available in 8 different sizes, ranging from 9 to 32 ounces, and offer even more merchandising options with flat, straw-slotted and dome lids.

Now Available – No holes – no spills. Give your customers the option of greater portability and temperature retention with The Empress PET flat lid. These lids come in four convenient sizes.

 See the Empress PET Point of Sale Sheet here.

Empress Toilet Seat Cover


Toilet Seat Covers

Empress toilet seat covers are a clean, convenient alternative for a protective hygiene barrier. These quality, half-fold paper toilet seat covers are 100% biodegradable, fit all popular seat cover dispensers, and will help reduce system clogs and messes caused by makeshift tissue and towel seat covers.


See the Point of Sale Sheet Here




Empress continues to offer the same affordable, premium quality foodservice and paper products you’ve come to expect. From paper plates and food containers to disposable gloves and paper towel dispensers, look to Empress when you need a practical, sophisticated product.

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