Free Dial DUO Dispensers and Spiffs for DSRs!

Through the end of the year, Henkel is offering a special promotion on Dial DUO Foam Dispensers and soap! I know what you’re thinking- “My customer’s already have hand soap dispensers!” But did you know…1000 consumers were asked which soap dispenser they’d prefer to use in a public restroom, and 86% preferred Dial over GOJO or an unnamed dispenser.

Now, as a DSR, you are eligible for a $3 Spiff per case on all new sales of Dial DUO refills!

Customers, when asked why they prefer Dial, stated that they enjoy the smell, know the brand, and they appreciate the antibacterial properties. What they may not know, is that:


17000 09117

  • Manual and Touch-Free Dispensers extend less than 4″ from the wall, per ADA Guidelines.
  • Manual Dispensers pump 0.7 mL/dose, totaling 1785 hand washes and less frequent changes.
  • Touch-Free Dispensers pump 0.5 mL/dose = 2500 hand washes and less maintenance.
  • Manual Dispensers are made of durable ABS plastic, just like football helmets.
  • Touch-Free Dispenser’s D Batteries last 3 years, or 92,000 activations!
  • Manual and Touch-Free Refill cartridges are simple to change.
  • Touch-Free Dispensers are adjustable, with three dispensing settings.
  • Manual Dispensers can be easily converted to Touch-Free with no tools needed!
  • Touch-Free Dispensers minimize risks of cross-contamination with health and food service!
  • Dispenser windows display brand, and a translucent back plate to see soap levels.
  • Collapsing 1.25L refill cartridges reduce waste, and reduce maintenance by 25%!


The best part is, a case of dispensers is FREE with a purchase of a case of refill cartridges (given that the dispensers match the refills purchased, and that dispensers are ordered by the case.)

Dial DUO foaming soap offers superior cleanliness as well as a trusted name. In addition to the $3 Spiff you will earn for selling the refills, your customers will benefit from Dial’s superior cleaning properties and convenience:


17000 05067

  • Dial Complete is the #1 Doctor Recommended Antibacterial Hand Wash.
  • Patented Activated Triclosan Technology provides 25x better germ-kill.
  • Dial Complete Foaming Soap kills 99.999% of common germs.
  • Unmatched in effectiveness against eliminating hard-to-kill MRSA, and VRE.
  • Dial Complete is 25% milder and gentle enough for very frequent hand washing.
  • Foam is more cost effective than bag-in-box systems, with 2.8x more washes per refill.
  • Dial Complete refills are biodegradable, safe for aquatic life, and feature recycled packaging.
  • Dial Basics is hypoallergenic AND Green Seal certified!


To take advantage of this special promotion, simply download the required form here or on the DSR Incentives menu to the right of this page. Just keep a running total of your sales, and watch your rebate grow! Remember to read the fine print.

As a recap, the promotion includes:

  • 17000 05067 Dial Complete Original Manual Foaming Refill 1.25L 3/cs
  • 17000 05052 Dial Basics Hypoallergenic Manual Foaming Refill 1.25L 3/cs
  • 17000 05085 Dial Professional Hand Sanitizer Manual Foaming Refill 1.2L 3/cs
  • 17000 99135 Dial Complete Original Touch-Free Foaming Refill 1.25L 3/cs
  • 17000 99150 Dial Basics Hypoallergenic Touch-Free Foaming Refill 1.25L 3/cs
  • 17000 99153 Dial Professional Hand Sanitizer Touch-Free Foaming Refill 1.2L 3/cs
  • 17000 05028 Dial Duo Manual Dispenser Smoke
  • 17000 04953 Dial Duo Manual Dispenser Pearl
  • 17000 99117 Dial Duo Touch-Free Dispenser Smoke

Make sure you take advantage of this winning duo- with flu and cold season upon us, this is a deal that is sure to be a win! For sell sheets for Dial Duo, click here. To download the entire Henkel/Dial catalog, click here. As always, you can also visit the Vendor Literature page to conveniently access these and other PDFs anytime you need them.

This special offer, valid for Distributor Sales Reps exclusively, lasts through December 31, 2013.

© Copyright 2013 Amy Ullsperger, All rights Reserved. Written For: DSR Sales Support Blog

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