Grow Your Sales With Q3 Incentives!

Today marks the beginning of the third quarter, which also means the roll-out of a fresh batch of money-making incentives and rebates! Distributors and End-Users can earn anywhere from $20 to several thousand dollars just for selling popular customer favorites such as Ajax, Windex, Bounty, Dawn, Lysol, and Glade Products! The breakdown below explains who’s paying you, how much you can earn, and what you need to sell to earn your cash. Click on the links to download or view the rebate coupons to start earning as soon as today, and keep earning until September 30! (The rebates are restricted to distributors and their customers, and cannot be claimed for in-store or retail purchases.)

Colgate/Palmolive CCG Profit Builder– The Colgate rebates are valid on Ajax Liquid Cleaners and Detergents, Palmolive Detergents, Murphy’s Oil Soap, Softsoap, Fabuloso, and Suavitel. Whether it’s for washing dishes, scrubbing the floor, or stocking restrooms, these powerful and reliable cleaners will help you clean up all the way to the bank! The rebates are as follows (with 10 case minimum purchase to qualify.)

  • Buy any combination of 1 – 3 brands, and earn $1.50 per case, up to $750!
  • Buy any combination of 4+ brands, and earn $3.00 per case, up to $2500!

Diversey True Savings Rebates Distributors can earn up to $1000 in rebates on select in-demand varieties of products, with incentives of $1.50 up to $7.00 per case! Download the rebate coupon for specific SKUs and redemption details. With a minimum qualifying amount of $25 and a maximum rebate of $1000, the per-case earnings are as follows:

  • Beer Clean– $2 – $4 per case
  • Floor Science– $3 – $7 per case
  • Glade Plug-ins– $2.25 – $3.50 per case
  • Mr. Muscle– $2.75 – $3.75 per case
  • Easy-Paks– $2.75 per case
  • Pledge– $4 per case
  • Shout– $1.50 – $3.75 per case
  • Windex– $4 – $5 per case

Procter and Gamble Distributor Rebates– This rebate comes with absolutely no maximum limit- meaning the power to earn is in your hands! If you buy at least 100 cases or more from the list of qualifying products, P&G will pay either $.50 or $1.00 on every case! That’s a minimum of $100 rebate, with unlimited earning potential, loaded onto a Pre-Paid VISA Debit card. Qualified brands and their available rebates per case include:

  • Select varieties of Comet Liquid Cleaners– $.50/case
  • Select Varieties of Dawn Cleaners/Detergents– $.50-$1.00/case
  • Select varieties of Joy Manual Detergents– $.50/case
  • Six varieties of Bounty Paper Towels– $.50/case
  • Six varieties of Charmin Tissue Rolls– $.50/case
  • Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and Mr. Clean Slicer and Kitchen Cleaner– $1.00/case
  • 32 oz. and 1 gallon Spic and Span All-Purpose Cleaner– $1.00/case
  • Puffs Ultra varieties- $1.00/case

Procter and Gamble Biz Saver End User Rebates– The Biz Saver is not valid for retail purchases, but commercial accounts will enjoy earning up to $300 on qualifying purchases, with a low two case minimum! The Biz Saver also includes the same great brands as the Distributor Rebates, but with the option of earning up to $300 (as a pre-paid VISA) or earning up to 12,000 Foodservice Reward Points! Each case purchased of the following brands can earn $2.00 – $5.00 each, or 100-200 Foodservice Reward Points each. See rebate coupon for more details on earnings.

  • Spic and Span All Purpose Spray and Floor Cleaners
  • Bounty Towels and Napkins
  • Mr. Clean Finished Floor Cleaner
  • Comet Disinfecting Cleaners
  • Dawn Manual Detergents and Heavy Duty Cleaners

Reckitt Benckiser/Lysol Distributor RebatesReckitt Benckiser is giving away up to $500 for qualifying purchases this quarter! A minimum rebate of $20 will be paid, maxing out at $200 on qualifying varieties of Lysol, Air Wick, Resolve and Easy-Off cleaners. Download the rebate coupon for full details and restrictions, but potential rebates include:

  • $5/case rebates on select varieties of Lysol, Easy-Off, Air Wick and Resolve concentrated cleaners in gallon bottles
  • $2/case rebates on select varieties of Lysol cleaners in Ready-to-Use bottles and wipes, including the all new Lysol Power and Free H2O2 cleaners! (A 50-case limit applies to Lysol wipes)

Reckitt Benckiser End-User Rebates- Your customers will enjoy potential earnings up to $300 for qualifying purchases of Lysol, Air Wick, Resolve and Easy-Off! With a minimum rebate of $20 and a maximum rebate of $300, customers will appreciate $2-$25 per case rebates on several reliable cleaning solutions from Reckitt, including:

  • Special Bonus Rebates of $25/case on select gallons of concentrated Air Wick, Easy-Off glass cleaner, and Resolve carpet cleaner!
  • $5/case on select gallons of concentrated Lysol cleaners
  • $2/case rebates for Ready-to-Use bottles of Lysol, and Lysol disinfecting wipes! (Wipes have a 50 case limit.)

For more information on any of these rebates and incentives, please remember to read the fine print on the rebate coupons. Many of these deals coincide with special quarterly pricing as well, so take this opportunity to increase sales, save your customers some money, and enjoy a little extra spending cash, to be delivered right before the holidays! The only question left to ask is, how will you spend your rebates?

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