Help Your Customers Go Green, with Green Literature!

281462_hug_a_treeIt’s a vastly different world than it was 40 years ago. “Tree-Hugger” is no longer an insult in today’s society- in fact, it’s those people not hugging trees that are chastised! Between government regulations to reduce emissions, and societal perceptions of corporate sustainability, being green is becoming more important than ever.

The green economy is actually expected to get even greener, with expected industry growth over the next 5 years to be an annual average of 5.2% according to a study performed by IBISWorld. As the economy overall recovers, more and more companies are willing to spend a little bit extra to provide greener products and services to their customers. An added incentive is, there are increased government incentives to having a more sustainable business. All of this adds up to an increase in demand for greener products.

The website here lists all of the different green/ecolabeling certifications that a product can have, and descriptions for each one to help you understand the difference between the growing list of official certifications.

leafRJ Schinner carries a growing variety of green and eco-labeled products, and are now offering an added page to our blog that lists literature specifically for our green products, found here or through the link on the Literature by Vendor page. Whether your customers are environmentally friendly, or simply want to improve their image, you can easily find what they need or just browse product ideas right on our blog, enabling you to become a green product expert. You can even save the paper you’d print on by simply downloading the PDF files!

This is definitely moving beyond being a trend, and into being a new reality. Educate yourself on what’s available, and be a better consultant to your customers when they move forward with their sustainability initiatives. Hugging trees earns big bragging rights in the eyes of consumers today, so go ahead, with open arms- your customers will be impressed.

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