Incentivize Your Sales With Q4 Jan-San Rebates

Money in handTake the (Rebate) Money and Run

As the calendar pages continue to fall from 2014, we find ourselves crossing over into the final quarter of the year. While most of us may have outgrown Trick-or-Treating, we’re never to old for tax-free incentives! Just in time for Halloween, the fourth quarter jan-san rebates are now available.

Only a small fraction of eligible customers take advantage of these rebate offers, which equals out to hundreds of thousands of dollars left on the table each quarter. Don’t be someone who walks away from free money- if you’re buying it anyway, you may as well redeem the rebates!

A Great Sales Tool

The beauty of most of these offers is that there are parallel rebates offered to end-users as well. For instance, the Duracell rebate offer is available for both distributors and end-users…if your customers purchase more as a result of the rebate, it means you sold more, earning you an even larger rebate.

The same applies to Diversey, who has several individual end-user rebates that tie directly into their quarterly “True Savings” rebate offer (worth up to $2000, might I add.) P&G offers end-users up to $300 in rebates for buying Dawn products, while the Distributor earns an unlimited $.50-$1.00 per case on everything case bought…you get the idea. The more your customers buy and earn, the more your company buys and earns.

Reckitt-Benckiser is unique in that they are the only one to offer a Distributor Sales Rep rebate. As opposed to earning rebates for your employer, you as the DSR get handsomely rewarded for every case you sell. (Being cold and flu season, selling an extra case or two of cleaning products should not be a challenge.)

A Summary of Available Q4 Jan-San Rebates

Clorox Rebates

product-BLE-Con-Grmcdl121oz-hero-0512-VS2Clorox: Earn a maximum $50 in rebates for purchasing qualifying Clorox Commercial Solutions. This offer applies to end users, and has a uniquely segmented approach- each of the five rebates offers a bundle of products that are used in a specific area of the industry, including Foodservice, Hospitality, LTC, Office, and Education. There is also a timely Cold & Flu Rebate.

This is a tiered rebate, so as opposed to earning $.50/case, it’s much simpler:


These rebates are all valid through June 30, 2015, so between the cold and flu season, and the summer party season, there will be ample opportunities to earn these rebates.

Click here to view and download the coupons to see which products qualify.

Diversey (SealedAir) Rebates

Diversey: is rolling out a new system that allows distributors and end-users to file their rebates through an online portal. This makes the process much faster and efficient, slashing the waiting period post-redemption down to just two weeks!  To help you navigate this exciting new world, we have posted the user guides for you on the Diversey Rebates page, which explain the whats-and-hows of getting it done.diversey

For those who still prefer mail (or if you have a book of stamps to use up), we have also posted the rebate coupons on the Diversey Rebate Page. For fourth quarter, you’ll find:

P&G Rebates

P&G: These offers are valid on qualifying purchases between October 1 and December 31, and include favorites such as Dawn, Bounty, Tide, and Spic and Span!

Distributor Rebate Offer (50 cases or more) – Save up to $1.00 per case with a purchase of at least 50 qualifying cases. (Note, this rebate has traditionally had a minimum purchase of 100 cases to qualify, and P&G has reduced that to 50 cases- making it MUCH easier to qualify!)

End-users who purchase at least 2 cases of the qualifying products listed on the forms will receive up to a $300 rebate or 12,000 Foodservice Rewards Points for these additional rebates:

Visit the P&G Rebate page to share these with your customers and maximize their savings (and your sales!)

Reckitt Benckiser Rebates

Reckitt Benckiser: Distributors, DSRs, and End Users all share in the wealth with Reckitt’s quarterly rebates! Valid on the brands most loved during Cold & Flu season, these fourth quarter rebates include several varieties of Lysol, as well as Easy-Off, Resolve, and more!

Several Lysol products are also now EPA registered to kill Enterovirus, as well as C. Diff, and Norovirus, making these products highly valuable against many of the nasty bugs making their rounds this fall.

To view all of the available rebate coupons, visit the Reckitt-Benckiser rebate page to download your PDFs.

 Maximize Your Sales

Remember, the best way to maximize your rebates and take advantage of potential earnings is to promote these rebates with your customers! As most people will be looking for ways to combat cold and flu viruses (and Enterovirus, and Ebola, and Norovirus, and whatever new strains of mystery flu pop up this season) these products will be in high demand through all of the fourth quarter. If they’re being purchased anyway, you may as well help your customers save money!

For additional literature on these products, you can also visit the individual Vendor Literature pages to download other supportive collateral including sell sheets, catalogs and brochures.




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