Introducing STRONGMAN Can Liners


We are excited to announce a brand new line of can liners, STRONGMAN.  These are made exclusively for RJ Schinner and available in warehouses now.

Strongman Can Liners are made with a combination of LLDPE and LD resins.


LLDPE has a high tensile strength and high impact and puncture resistance. It is very flexible and will elongate under stress. This provides the extra strength, elasticity and performance at lower mil weights. LLDPE also has a good resistance to chemicals; they will perform well in temperature extremes and confine odors. LD is the most common plastic used to make can liners, as it is rather soft and flexible. By blending it with LLDPE, the strength increases without losing the thinner mil weights and flexibility.


Strongman Can Liners have a star-seal bottom.
Star-Seal Bottom

Folding over multiple layers of the bag and sealing without gussets in a single spot creates this seal. Also known as “x-seal”, the most common seal found today is virtually leak-proof, and can hold very heavy or wet trash while helping to distribute weight. The design also allows an easy fit in trashcans of all shapes and sizes.


The Strongman core-less rolls are easy to manage and inventory. The compact design of a core-less roll will help save valuable storage space.  These can liners come in a multitude of sizes, ensuring there is a liner to fulfill your needs.


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