Introducing Value for Commercial Laundry Applications with Phoenix Brands!

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Today’s distributor needs to find value anywhere they can.

According to the ISSA, Laundry Detergents are a $400 MM category in the institutional market. RJ Schinner recognizes that the washing of materials in commercial buildings is often overlooked as a distribution profit center.

Many of today’s facilities have a myriad amount of materials that require washing:

  • Mops
  • Towels
  • Microfiber
  • Mats
  • Uniforms
  • Curtains etc…

This application often involves either an expensive retail brand or a more generic commercial brand to get the job done.


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New Options from Phoenix Brands

To increase the profile of the category, RJ Schinner would like to introduce some new options in Ajax, Dynamo and Fab Laundry products, from Phoenix Brands. These 3 tried and true brands are now available in a commercial package – and at a value price, offering huge savings for your customer!

Now you can get the same “Stronger than Dirt” performance of Ajax, or the distinctive fragrance of Fab, at work. Packaged in a commercial size, Phoenix Brands delivers the great performance of powerful brands at a huge value for both the distributor and the end user.

Ajax_PG_logoAjax Liquid Detergent

Regular Ajax Liquid is available in several sizes and works in either an HE or regular machine. Available in a case of 6 x 32 Load bottles for average use, or a case of 4 x 88 Loads case for even better value.

For those accounts like Child Care that are sensitive to fragrance, or those that have a more sustainable profile like a school or University, the Ajax Scent and Dye Free is a terrific option.

For convenience and ease of use, many end users including Long Term Care Facilities and Correctional Facilities source the single dose application of Ajax Toss-Ins.

Ajax Powder Detergent

An excellent choice for a large institution, Ajax 36# Powder Detergent delivers performance and versatility, at a great price. It is ideal for floors, laundry, and a broad range of general cleaning needs. Ajax can even be used for food service cleaning! This multipurpose detergent means that you will now be able to replace many products with just one!

PBC48305Dynamo Detergent

For really large users, the Dynamo 5 Gallon Pail is the way to go. The pail offers the ability to drop in an automatic tube for a metering device, or the opportunity to add a drum pump for maximum ease of use and cost savings. If fragrance is required, Fab delivers the “spring like freshness” of lavender.


Pound for pound and ounce for ounce, compare pricing and you will see that your customer’s budget dollars will go further when they switch to Ajax, Fab and Dynamo! Contact your Local Sales Representative for more information!

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