Keeping Holidays Warm and Bright, With SternoCandleLamp

BuffetHave you ever been famished at a holiday party waiting patiently to finally eat, but by the time the food is served your meal is lukewarm, leaving a bitter taste of what could have been the best hot meal in a long time? What a disappointment! To avoid this hunger letdown, buffets are typically the preferred choice for many dining establishments, giving guests an assortment of hot, delicious food to choose from that’s ready to serve when they’re ready to eat!

For the holidays, restaurants will be planning holiday buffets, caterers will be serving special events, bars and pubs will have football parties, and companies will be hosting employee holiday parties. SternoCandleLamp canned heat products are perfect for this and every holiday season, keeping chestnuts roasting and figgy pudding…well, figgy. From ambience, to food safety, to quality management, there’s a place at every table for canned heat.

SternoCandleLamp and Food Safety

In any foodservice situation, food safety is a major concern that requires having the proper heat source. According to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 1 in 6 Americans (48 million people) gets sick, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die of foodborne diseases each year! To help prevent any issues, SternoCandleLamp has shared some holiday food safety tips here to keep all of their guests in good health this holiday season and beyond. A few of the tips offered include:

Safe Food Handling– Serve food on clean plates, and do not use those that previously held raw meat or poultry.

Cook Thoroughly– Safe internal temperatures include: roast beef to 145°F for medium rare and 160°F for medium; poultry to a minimum of 165°F; ground meats to 160°F and ground poultry to 165°F.

Food Temperatures– Keep hot foods hot with Sterno Brand 2-hour cooking fuel, which works well for chafing dishes and buffet sets. Cold foods should be kept cool by placing dishes in bowls of trays of ice. They need to remain 40°F or colder.

Empty Trays– Replace empty trays and platters instead of adding fresh food to a used dish.

Adhering to these guidelines should aid your customers in providing a safe party service- as for the food quality, that’s up to the chef. So what does SternoCandleLamp offer to help keep those food items hot?

SternoCandleLamp Foodservice Products

SternoCandleLamp has many different options to choose from depending on the setting.  They offer several different clean burning Liquid Wick Chafing Fuel candles, with some being able to provide up to six hours of heat which means guests can easily go back for seconds and even thirds while still eating a hot meal.

Sterno also offers Gel Chafing Fuels that are offered in either an ethanol or methanol gel solution, as well as a Green Chafing Fuel that is certified by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) and composed of USDA Certified Biobased Product formula. Green Heat is biodegradable and made from renewable resources– perfect for your eco-friendly customers.

Butane products are yet another option, enabling buffets to have hot and ready omelet stations for that special Christmas brunch.

SternoCandleLamp for Ambience

Besides just providing a heat source for meals, SternoCandleLamp provides beautiful lighting accessories for at the tables.  Their votive lamps are perfect for a dimly lit setting such as a romantic dinner, while the mid-size lamps are great for a larger table of guests.  The full-size lamps are ideal in an upscale bar setting, as people gather around to celebrate the New Year.  Depending on the individual establishment, SternoCandleLamp has a variety of lamps to choose from that will add just the right touch of ambiance. See the full Lamp Guide here for all of the stunning products.

SternoCandleLamp on TV

SternoCandleLamp’s products were recently featured on Designing Spaces on Lifetime TV, showing a variety of useful applications for their products, which include providing ambience as well as hot food service.  These tips are not just for holiday parties either, but are also great everyday purposes. See the video below for the featured segment that offered some great suggestions for any catered banquet or event this holiday season.

If you still need another reason to encourage your customers to look at SternoCandleLamp, they also offer a few money-saving manufacturer rebates that can be found here, worth as much as $25! You can also view all of their other training videos here.

Whether a restaurant or catering company needs lighting for a dinner table, or is looking for an easy solution to keep food hot for an extended period of time, SternoCandleLamp should be a welcome guest at any party this holiday season.

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