Make Your Customer’s Trash Your Business!

american-trash-1-1195990-mEveryone has trash. As a distributor sales representative, it’s up to you to really dive in and get to know your customer’s garbage!

Now, I’m not implying that you become nosy, or that you physically dive in and swim around in refuse (unless of course you’re into that sort of thing.) In fact, knowing your customer’s garbage is as easy as downloading a training app from Heritage Bag, designed to turn garbage greenhorns into can liner consultants!

With this one, convenient app you can become a garbage solutions expert, readily advising your customers on the pros and cons of the different can liner options available. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work with this category, so knowing the proper bag for every situation allows you to more easily sell the bags that your customers need.

Heritage Bag also has several videos on their website that offer training, including this two-minute video that explains the proper way to measure a garbage can, to determine the best fitting can liner.

Not everyone learns the same way, so maybe watching a two-minute video isn’t the right way for you to learn. Heritage Bag also has a plethora of print guides, and their very own Heritage Tape Measure, specially designed to measure garbage cans properly!

iPhone Screenshot 2For those who learn best by reading “trashy” content on demand,  the Heritage Bag App is a way to access information every time you need it, anywhere you are. The description from the iTunes store details the highlights of the app:

The Heritage Bag app is to assist you in selling can liners manufactured by Heritage Bag Company. There are many useful parts of this app. Information such as guides and tools to assist you in selecting the correct liner for a can. You can calculate accurate case weights and review training videos. You will also find this app useful for forwarding POS material and locating information on our specialty bags.

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, there’s no excuse anymore not to know your products. On the other hand, a downfall of technology is that many of the products your customers buy from you can now be bought online just as easily- and often for a lower price. Isn’t that incentive enough to increase your product knowledge, and maintain your job security?

While a computer can usually answer any question a person can dream of, there is no replacement for a well-informed consultant in the form of a knowledgeable sales rep. So go ahead- dive into that trash, and before you know it, you’ll be rubbing elbows with the garbage elite as the go-to expert on your customer’s journey towards product knowledge.

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