New Clorox Urine Remover Takes on Unpleasant Jobs with Ease

Clorox has added a new cleaner to their arsenal of trusted chemicals! The all new Urine Remover is specially formulated to gently neutralize and remove urine and other bodily fluids safely from porous and non-porous surfaces. Unlike a general bathroom cleaner or bleach, it is ideal for use as an effective spot cleaner on anything from tile grout to bed sheets. Accidents happen, but the reality is, certain accidents are much more likely to offend and much more difficult to clean.

It’s not surprising that 72% of American adults consider unpleasant odor to be the #1 cause of an “awful restroom experience“. Even the most elegant, high-end establishment is subject to losing business from malodorous facilities, thanks to the stubborn chemical composition of urine. Something as simple as a stinky bathroom floor could be costing a business customers, and their reputation. Have you ever wondered why urine smells so strong and lingers so long? Read on to learn more about the dirty details of urine, and how your customers can save $10 on their first case of Urine Remover.

The Science of Pee

Gee Whiz, what stinks?

Gee Whiz, what stinks?

Urine, composed of urea, uric acid, salt, water, and other liquid waste, gets it’s signature smell from the uric acid crystals left behind on porous surfaces, and from naturally occurring microorganisms that feed on urine.¬† While general bathroom cleaners work great for removing urine from toilets and tiles, porous surfaces such as grout hold tight to uric acid crystals, making for stubborn odors that linger, releasing that infamous ammonia smell that anyone with pets or babies knows all too well.

Why is Urine Remover Better?

Clorox Urine Remover is an ideal cleaner for a variety of applications, tackling not just urine but feces, blood, vomit, pet stains, semen, and any other organic-based stains. With a 2% hydrogen peroxide based formula along with powerful surfactants and an acidic pH, it breaks down the stains safely and effectively from almost any porous or non-porous surface. It can even be used before or after other cleaning solutions with almost no worries about chemical reactions.

Bleach may seem the most sanitary, but it may not be the safest way to clean up urine. Urine contains  naturally occurring ammonia and uric acid, and if you recall Chemistry 101, mixing acids with bases (bleach) causes a chemical reaction- in this case, the release of toxic chlorine gas (or Mustard Gas). Also, bleach cannot be applied to soft surfaces such as bedding, unless a tie-dye effect is desired.

Specialized enzyme cleaners are another option, composed of bacteria that digests the proteins in urine. They are not as effective at removing stains though, and if combined with antibacterial cleaning products, will be rendered utterly ineffective. Unless staff is properly trained on usage, enzymes are about as effective as peeing up a rope.

Ideal Applications and Uses

No peeing

Signs can’t prevent every accident.

Who needs urine cleaners, you ask? Well, imagine any establishment where accidents happen (which is literally anywhere with a bathroom), specifically:

  • Hospitals– it can act as a spot cleaner on beds and linens, or as an odor-removing cleaner on floors and surfaces.
  • Long Term Care Facilities- Beds, linens, floors, rooms, or furniture can all be kept clean and fresh, leaving a pleasant fresh linen scent as opposed to a chemical (or worse) scent lingering in the halls.
  • Schools/Day Cares- Have you ever walked into a preschool or day care and smelled that oh-so-noticable potty smell? These facilities can improve the odor and cleanliness safely and easily, with no chemical danger to children.
  • High Traffic Restrooms- Whether it’s a dingy rest stop, or a high-end luxury hotel, every customer will appreciate a fresh smelling, clean experience where it matters most. Urine Remover gets deep into the porous grout to remove odors from tiles, urinals, and toilets, freshening the air for everyone.
  • Hotels/Lodging- When people travel, they typically leave the cleaning to the staff. From bed stains to messy bathrooms, it adds up to a lot of housekeeping. As opposed to constantly replacing stained sheets, or having carpets cleaned after each guest, one bottle of Urine Remover can correct countless motel mishaps.
  • Bars and Clubs– Fact: Intoxicated patrons tend to be less cautious/discreet with bodily functions. Urine Remover rids bathrooms, door fronts, concrete steps, carpets,¬† floors and surfaces of any unsightly (or Dog eat dog 1/2malodorous) organic messes, making the establishment fresh and clean for another night of shenanigans.
  • Outdoor Messes- Urine Remover is great for outdoor messes too, such as removing dog urine from fire hydrants in front of a customer’s outdoor bistro, or tidying up around a back alley dumpster. Wherever gross messes linger, Urine Remover fights the good fight.

For whatever instances Urine Remover is required, Clorox is offering two sizes to accommodate occasional or habitual uses; available in a 9/32oz case pack, and a 4/128oz case pack, both with built in spray nozzles for ease of use. As a special introductory offer, Clorox is offering your customer, the End User, $10 off their first case using the coupon here on orders placed before August 30, 2013. The coupon can also be downloaded from the incentives menu, and on our Literature by Vendor page under Clorox.

It’s a fact of life- accidents happen. Sometimes, they may not be accidents at all. Either way, Clorox will always be there to help clean up the mess. Talk to your customers today about how to make the job no one wants to do a little bit easier, and save $10 in the process. For additional literature, sell sheets, or brochures for Clorox Urine Remover, visit our Literature by Vendor page, under Clorox.

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