New- Fresh Products’ Spiced Apple Bowl Clip, Perfect for the Holidays

The holidays are a happy time, often conjuring up memories of the sweet smells of pine trees, cookies baking, mulled cider, and pumpkin pie. The holidays are also a very busy time, meaning stores, restaurants and even offices have a harder time keeping up on a clean bathroom- making the smells of the season less than desirable. Fresh Products has a solution for that!

In business since 1941, Fresh Products is the #1 manufacturer of industrial and institutional block deodorants in the USA. Their environmentally-conscious designs mean more freshening power in a smarter, more efficient product. Just in time for the sweet smells of the holidays, RJ Schinner is now carrying the Eco-Fresh Spiced Apple Bowl Clip Deodorizer, specially designed to clip on and stay put, releasing the sweet smell of Grandma’s apple pie for 30 days while it fights off less appetizing odors. Sold with 6 packs of 12 per case, one box will freshen your bowl all the way until next year’s round of holiday fun.

For sell sheets, spec sheets and flyers for Fresh Products full lines of deodorizing products, including Eco-Fresh Urinal Screens for the men’s room and Eco-Air Room Fresheners, visit the Literature by Vendor page of the blog and download these valuable resources. Remember- all flyers are customizable, allowing you to make it your own simply by adding your logo. If you would like a custom sell sheet, contact Suzanne Kroha at For more information on Eco-Fresh products, visit our website at, and enjoy a fresher holiday!

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