Offering the Best in Hospitality for Holiday Travel Season

Hotel fasade 3It’s true what they say- there’s no place like home for the holidays! However, with the busy travel season upon us, it isn’t always possible to enjoy the comforts of home. Celebrating the holidays often means traveling to see family and friends, who aren’t always conveniently located. Fortunately, the hospitality industry offers places around the country that assimilate home, as a sometimes-preferred alternative to staying with relatives.

Hotels and motels experience a bit of a revolving door this time of year, happily accommodating holiday travelers who are busy spreading their yuletide joy. It is critical for these establishments to be well stocked and well prepared in order to ensure that their guests have a pleasant stay that is as close to the comforts of home as possible. RJ Schinner understands this need, and offers a full range of disposables that are well-suited to guarantee these comforts.

The needs of a hotel/motel are not much different than the needs of a restaurant. There are always the basics, such as bathroom tissues and hand soaps, but there are other supplies that are essential to maintaining that home-like feeling away from home:

  • Laundry – Not everything in a hotel is disposable. Bed linens, blankets and towels, for instance, must be washed frequently if not daily. The hotel laundry department is always busy ensuring a fresh, clean room for every patron. Bulk laundry detergent such as all Multi-Purpose Laundry Detergent or Sun Liquid Laundry Detergent guarantee guests a fresh clean room at an economical price. Earth Friendly also has a line of all-natural Ecos Laundry Soap that freshens laundry without harmful or irritating chemicals. The Maxim line of laundry products from MidLab also offers a variety of options for washing and stain-removal.
  • Dishes – Many lodging establishments also feature a restaurant or room service for the convenience of their guests. If nothing else, a continental breakfast is offered to start guests on the right foot each morning. Where there’s food, there’s dishes- and dishes must be cleaned. RJ Schinner offers a variety of dishwashing formulas for hand or machine washing. Performance Plus Pink dish soap offers economy and cleaning power, Dawn Heavy Duty Degreaser keeps kitchens and dishes sparkling clean, and Sunlight comes in both liquid and powder, suitable for washing dishes by hand or machine.
  • Restrooms – Each room at a hotel or motel has its own bathroom for guests, and must always be well-stocked daily. Toilet paper and facial tissue are replaced regularly, and garbage cans are changed daily. Oasis has a variety of disposable restroom options. Cascades/North River offers the eco-friendly Moka line of paper products, or there are always the more economical options offered by Vintage, Nova and Advantage. Can liners for any size waste bin can be selected using these convenient guides from Inteplast or Vintage.
  • Janitorial – Appearance definitely counts in hospitality, and cleanliness means everything when it comes to a comfortable stay. Continental and Impact both offer a wide range of waste receptacles for guest’s rooms and lobbies. For cleaning rooms and hallways, Impact also has a full line of spray bottles, janitor carts, and sweeping/mopping supplies, and Zephyr offers many options in the mop and broom category as well. For general cleaning solutions, Fantastik All-Purpose Spray is easy-to-use, and Clorox has convenient disinfecting wipes for all-over surface cleaning. Lysol also has many reliable solutions for the hospitality industry.
  • Room Service – Single-Serve is the key in hospitality. Individually wrapped hotel cups from International Paper are perfect for in-room drinking of individual coffee/sugar/creamer packs from Wallingford. Food and beverages can be served with individual cutlery packs from SOLO or Crystalware, and cleaned up with napkins from Hoffmaster or Vintage.

HotelroomThe hospitality and lodging industry will be working hard this season to ensure that their guests arrive and leave happy, but it is the DSR’s job to make sure that they have everything they need to achieve that. From dining, to sleeping, to watching TV, every aspect of a a stay away from home should be comforting.

While there is no place like home for the holidays, you can at least be comforted in knowing that there are options that come about as close as one could ask for this holiday season.

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