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NFSM Week 3: Can 9,000 Deaths a Year Be Avoided? 13

NFSM Week 3: Can 9,000 Deaths a Year Be Avoided?

Editors Note: This is the third installment of a special series related to September’s National Food Safety Month. View the postings for Week One and Week Two to stay caught up on all things food safety! Welcome to Week Three of National Food Safety Month! This week, the focus is on “Cleaning and Sanitizing Practices That Will Prevent Cross-Contamination.” Cross-Contamination can be described as the moving of pathogens from one food to another, which is ready to eat and will receive no further cooking. An example would be allowing cooked food to touch uncooked food, or surfaces that were or...

Cleaning Shortcuts Come at a High Cost 16

Cleaning Shortcuts Come at a High Cost

There is a new trend sweeping the nation called “skip cleaning” that’s gained popularity in the post-recession world of cleaning. The idea is, by cutting back on cleaning, you’ll save money on electricity, cleaning supplies, and commercial cleaning labor costs. In theory, the idea makes sense, but while cleaning shortcuts may save money in the short term, the long term cost to your health and your assets may not be worth the bargain. Many companies have opted to reduce their janitorial services to save money, which results in less vacuuming, less sanitizing, and longer periods between deep cleaning. The negative...

National Food Safety Month: Week 2- Handwashing 20

National Food Safety Month: Week 2- Handwashing

Editors Note: The second week of National Food Safety Month focuses on “Preventing Cross-Contamination Through Handwashing”. In addition to the activities and training guides that can be found on the official website, we at RJ Schinner are doing our part to educate the public on safe, proper food handling techniques. Everyone is taught at a young age how to wash their hands, but when it comes to foodservice, the methods used for basic handwashing aren’t necessarily enough. According to the FDA website, a “study published in 2004 found food establishments were frequently out of compliance with the Food Code requirements...

Blog Reminder: Training Aides 20

Blog Reminder: Training Aides

RJ Schinner is committed to providing DSR’s with training and other information to help you expand your knowledge. Please visit the Training Aides section for helpful information on Foodservice, JanSan, Liners, and general safety. This section is updated so check back often. Related Posts:3 Keys to Selling GreenWant to Be a Hero?Top 10 Traits of an Elite Salesperson

hand washing 19

New study finds schools are unprepared for pandemics

A new study published in the American Journal of Infection Control finds that 40% of schools in the United States are unprepared for a new pandemic. “Less than half of U.S. schools address pandemic preparedness in their school plan, and only 40 percent have updated their school plan since the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, according to study published in the September 2012 issue of the American Journal of Infection Control.“ Approximately 2,000 elementary, middle, and high school nurses in 26 states were surveyed. It was found that these schools were not prepared for another pandemic. Schools are mandated by the U.S....

September is National Food Safety Month 19

September is National Food Safety Month

SCA is proud to be the sole sponsor of the National Restaurant Association’s 18th Annual National Food Safety Month (NFSM), which kicks off Sept. 1. The theme of this year’s focus is “Be Safe- Don’t Cross Contaminate”, and will emphasize the importance of safe food handling and kitchen prep for the food service industry. SCA encourages Foodservice Operators to visit FoodSafetyMonth.com to learn more about the campaign, to download educational materials and to register for the NFSM communications. Several useful materials can be found on the website, including activities for employees to complete, posters, and videos that highlight the importance...

Technology Essential to Foodservice Growth 3

Technology Essential to Foodservice Growth

Technology is becoming increasingly important in daily life, and is being used in ways previous generations never could have imagined. In the foodservice industry, it’s becoming a do-or-die necessity, leaving those without the latest innovations left behind. TheDailyMeal.com observes that the industry is “more dependent on technology than most restaurateurs realize, and foodservice as a whole lags far behind when it comes to incorporating technological advances into their marketing and operations.” The article goes on to discuss the importance of a technological presence in foodservice to today’s and future generations. Aside from the obvious  needs such as cooking equipment and...


How Green, Sustainable Practices Benefit the JanSan Industry

The green trend of the past few years has actually proven to be a smart move for the JanSan industry. According to Steven Ashkin at DestinationGreen.com: “If being Greener and more sustainable in today’s economy can help a cleaning contractor, jansan distributor, manufacturer, or other entity cut costs, improve worker productivity, and enhance overall operating efficiency, then most will believe it is worth investigating. Fortunately, we are now learning that operating in a Greener more sustainable manner can generate these savings and benefits.” What was initially perceived in the industry as a trend has now become a standard business practice....

C. Diff Deaths Require Action From Healthcare Industry 10

C. Diff Deaths Require Action From Healthcare Industry

When the sick and injured are hospitalized, the last thing that they expect is to contract a fatal infection. Frighteningly, that’s exactly what the trend has been throughout the last two decades. Clostridium difficile, or C. diff, is a spore-forming bacteria found naturally in human and animal feces, water, and soil. It survives and spreads in the intestines, replacing healthy bacteria and releasing toxins that cause intense diarrhea, often leading to other fatal complications. In an article in USA Today, Hannah Morgan explains that “the germ thrives in settings where antibiotics are in wide use, and its proliferation has accelerated as...

CDC Issue Precautions on Swine Flu at Agricultural Fairs 2

CDC Issue Precautions on Swine Flu at Agricultural Fairs

With the late summer/early fall state and county fair season in full swing, the CDC issues precautions against viral infections around livestock. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are asking people attending agricultural fairs to take precautions when around pigs because of a rise in the number of cases of a new strain of “swine flu” virus in humans. Especially vulnerable groups, such as the sick, the under 5s, pregnant women and seniors should avoid contact with the animals altogether, they urge. In a report issued on 3 August, the federal agency gave news of 12 new...