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P&G Q2 Rebates Due In One Week

Don’t forget to send in your P&G Bizsaver rebates for the second quarter!  You can find links to the rebates at the right.  Rebates must be postmarked by August 31.  Take a few minutes and fill out your rebates today. Related Posts:Don’t be left out in the Cold! Q1 2016 Vendor Rebates are Now…Don’t Forget! Q3 Rebates are coming to an EndQ4 Vendor Rebates Now Available!

Styrene Industry Will Contest Vigorously the Unwarranted Listing of Styrene in 12th Report on Carcinogens 12

Styrene Industry Will Contest Vigorously the Unwarranted Listing of Styrene in 12th Report on Carcinogens

ARLINGTON, Va. June 10, 2011 – “The U.S. styrene industry will contest vigorously the U.S. Department of  Health and Human Services’ (HHS’s) listing of styrene in its 12th Report on Carcinogens because the designation is completely unjustified by the latest science and resulted from a flawed process that focuses on only those data that support a cancer concern, and in the case of styrene ignored the preponderance of data that fail to suggest a cancer concern for this substance. HHS included styrene in the 12th RoC despite the fact that European Union regulators have determined that styrene does not represent...


Did You Re-Use A Takeout Container Today

    “Unlike single-use, foam or paper containers, Anchor Packaging polypropylene (#5PP) take-home containers are designed to be reused again and again. Made from the same material as reusable food storage containers purchased in stores.   • MicroRaves platters, bowls, and lids   • Culinary Classics and Culinary Basics hinged lidded containers   • Microlite deli cups and lids   Saves Energy!   Anchor’s #5PP containers are specifically designed for microwave re-heating instead of stove or oven heating which requires longer heating times and more energy. Recycle! After multiple uses over several months, recycle the Anchor #5PP container when it...


Breaking Sustainability Down Dimensionally

  “Reckitt Benckiser wants to be a company that is seen by those both inside and out as making a positive economic, environmental and social contribution. Our products improve lives by delivering better hygiene and health to millions of people every day – this is our primary purpose; by doing it efficiently and effectively we deliver strong financial returns and the social benefits associated with them. Our sustainability challenge is to tackle negative aspects of our business such as the impact our energy use has on climate change. We are making good progress here and in the next twelve months...


Colgate Office Guide

The Colgate line offers opportunities to improve the cleanliness in many areas of an office building.  Can you identify all the opportunities? Check out this brochure to see the rundown.  It’s been added to the Literature by Vendor page, too, so it’s always available to you. Related Posts:Welcome to SC Johnson ProfessionalQ4 Vendor Rebates Now Available!Q1 Vendor Rebates


100% Recycled Handle Bag

From Duro Bag “Recycled paper products are in high demand because of the growing awareness surrounding the movement towards sustainability in today’s marketplace. Duro Bag recognizes this and has made it a top-priority goal to help retailers provide an environmentally-conscious “green” customer-carry solution. Now you can meet their needs with Duro’s patented “Original” 1/6 Handle-Up Bag TM now in-stock using 100% Recycled Paper. Consumers are concerned about the environment and want to make the right choice for the environment. They also want a bag that is easy to carry and strong enough to hold their purchases. 100% Recycled Paper, made...


Prepare for Winter with Ossian De-Icer

Winter is coming, and you can help your customers stay prepared.  Ossian has put together a series of videos showing how to use their de-icing products.  Check out their YouTube channel here. Related Posts:Gear up for Winter with Guardian Floor ProtectionQ1 Vendor RebatesSpring Cleaning Stock Up!

IBS Introduces A New Generation Of Gloves 12

IBS Introduces A New Generation Of Gloves

  Mike Coulon Sales Manager – Jan/San Inteplast Group – IBS “We are excited to launch a New Generation of Gloves called Inte‐Fit®. This new unique glove will be great addition to our current glove program. The gloves are made from LDPE with a special polymer that gives it the extra stretchability and flexibility. A Few of the features and benefits: Inte‐Fit® are environmentally friendly as they are 100% recyclable and the slim box packaging material is reduced by 25% vs. the traditional vinyl glove boxes. Inte‐Fit® gloves have no latex, no vinyl, no powder to cause allergic reactions. Inte‐Fit®...


Stay Updated on E. Coli

Diversey is a global leader in infection control.  They’ve put together a great resource you can use to stay updated on outbreaks, including the recent E. Coli outbreak.  Check out the site here. RJ Schinner is here to help as well.  You can see our extensive infection control knowledge base here. Related Posts:RJ Schinner Opens a New Location – ColoradoAnnouncing Rubbermaid!Want to Be a Hero?

Risk Management: The Lacey Act 19

Risk Management: The Lacey Act

Your paper products are no longer risk free.  With the recently passed Lacey Act, you have a greater level of responsibility for the origin of wood fibers used in your paper products. Stefco understands the risks involved, though.  Check out this presentation on the Lacey Act to see how to stay covered. Related Posts:Introducing Simple Earth DispensersRJ Schinner now in Salt Lake City, UtahClean Up After the Storm