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Nova Adds Pan Liners

The Nova line has added pan liners.  These liners present a cost-effective option for you to gain market share.  Contact your RJ Schinner salesperson to get information about Nova pan liners. Related Posts:Introducing STRONGMAN Can LinersRJ Schinner Opens a New LocationSpring Cleaning Stock Up!


Know the Code

Alcohol-based Hand Rubs contain enough alcohol to be classified a flammable liquid.  Don’t be intimidated, though.  Gojo has information to help you and your customers stay informed of the fire codes you need to know.  You can still use these high-quality products. Click here to get information about fire codes from Gojo. Related Posts:Cascades Tissue Group releases a New Mobile App!Celebrate 2015 International Clean Hands Week!Cold and Flu Season Is Upon Us; Fight Back

How to Load a Crisp Food Container 14

How to Load a Crisp Food Container

Did you know you can get one whole chicken into one Anchor crisp food container?  Check out this flyer to see how to do it. Using the crisp food container, your customers can take full advantage of Anchor’s unique technology.  With carefully designed venting and ridges to keep food raised, Anchor’s crisp food containers are the perfect solution for foods like fried chicken. Related Posts:Empress Food Service Segment Expanding!Clorox Bleach: Is it Food Safe?Keep it Simple on Earth Day.

Spot Opportunities for Witt Receptacle 23

Spot Opportunities for Witt Receptacle

Do you know how to spot opportunities for Witt receptacles?  These metal receptacles can improve the look of a public place with a modern touch. Check out this powerpoint tutorial for tips to sell the Witt line. Related Posts:Introducing STRONGMAN Can LinersRJ Schinner Opens Two New LocationsClean Up After the Storm

STOKO Refresh 4-in-1, Foam Solutions 11

STOKO Refresh 4-in-1, Foam Solutions

The STOKO Refresh 4-in-1 system supports all your hand hygiene needs.  With the ability to dispense foam, spray, liquid, and gel options, you can use the system to dispense hand soaps, hand sanitizers, and hair and body soaps. To give you an idea what options are available to you, here is the first of four quick guides.  Today, we look at foam options. STOKO Refresh 4-in-1, Foam Overview Thick foam encourages frequent washing.  Foam is environmentally friendly and easy on your budget. For information on the full STOKO Refresh 4-in-1 program, click here. Related Posts:Celebrate 2015 International Clean Hands Week!Cascades...

Nova Adds Facial Tissue 29

Nova Adds Facial Tissue

The Nova line of paper plates has added a new SKU. Check out the Nova 100 Facial Tissue. Get the details and a promotional price here. Related Posts:Introducing Simple Earth DispensersCascades Tissue Group releases a New Mobile App!Keep it Simple on Earth Day.


New – Maintenance Pro Liners from Advantage

The Advantage line now includes Maintenance Pro Hi-Density liners.  These liners are made with the latest technology giving you a high performance bag at a great price! Get the details here. Related Posts:Introducing STRONGMAN Can LinersSpring Cleaning Stock Up!Introducing Performance Plus Floor & Hand Pads


Choose the Right Battery – P&G

Do you know the battery opportunities available to you?  There are some potential targets you may not know of, so Procter & Gamble has created this guide to help out. Related Posts:Celebrate National Toilet Paper DayQ3 Vendor Rebates Now AvailableQ4 Vendor Rebates Now Available!


STOKO Refresh 4-in-1 Debut

STOKO has introduced a new 4-in-1 dispenser system.  Using one dispenser, you can support foam, spray, liquid, and gel programs.  You can also quickly switch between the systems, giving you ultimate flexibility.  Get details here. Each system has advantages.  The foam system is environmentally friendly and cost effective.  STOKO provides foam options in the moisturizer, soap, and sanitizer areas. Spray cleansers are more concentrated, leading to the lowest cost-per-use.  Moisturizer, soap, and sanitizer are all available in spray forms. In high-traffic areas, liquid soap is ideal.  The soap comes in a mild form. Finally, a gel option is available for...

New Vintage Plate, 10/100 Pack 19

New Vintage Plate, 10/100 Pack

We’ve added a new item to our line of Vintage Plates! To see the new 10/100 pack of 9″ uncoated paper plates and the rest of the Vintage Plate line, click here. Related Posts:Empress Earth for Earth Day!Empress Product Line ExpandsIntroducing Simple Earth Dispensers