P&G Case Pack Change to Dawn and Joy Reflects Commitment to Sustainability

Dawn-Original-4_1-gal-CL-GTIN-37000574460_PP Joy-Lemon-4_1-gal-GTIN-00037000574477_PPProctor & Gamble is converting case packaging of their 1 Gallon bottles of Dawn and Joy Commercial Dishwashing detergents. The change is no surprise to many in the industry, as the current industry standard uses case packs of 4/1 Gallon, whereas Dawn and Joy, until recently, was sold in 3/1 gallon case packs. Nothing about the product itself or the individual bottles’ packaging will change, but the case pack change does support P&G’s commitment to sustainability.

P&G’s sustainability/operations goal for the future is as follows: “Deliver an additional 20% reduction in energy consumption, CO2 emissions, disposed waste and water consumption for P&G facilities, leading to a total reduction by 2017 of at least 50%.” The case pack change will support this goal by reducing the amount of cardboard used for packaging, and the by reducing amount of fuel required to ship smaller case sizes.

Unit costs will remain the same, but due to the change in case sizes, there will be an increase in case pricing. The following SKU’s will be changing as an effect of the packaging change:

Dawn/Joy Conversion

Be sure to notify your customers of the changes, which have already begun to be shipped, notifying them that P&G’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility will continue to benefit their customers and the environment in the years to come.

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