Raise a Glass for International Beer Day!

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Did you know that the first Friday in August is International Beer Day? It only took almost 10,000 years to earn a day of recognition, but in 2007, two ale-loving guys decided that beer deserved it’s very own holiday. Beer has a long, rich history dating back to the earliest evidence of it’s existence in 7000 BC, and holds the title of the oldest recorded recipe in the history of mankind (thanks to the Sumerians.)

That makes beer older than the domestication of the cow, and the invention of the wheel! Just think- before man ever even conceived of an easier way to transport goods or craved a steady diet of meat, they were enjoying the world’s most beloved drink.

Whether it’s ales, porters, lagers, stouts, or pilsners, beer sales worldwide amount to over 35 billion gallons annually, with revenue upwards of $300 billion worldwide. International Beer Day is a day dedicated to celebrating this sudsy drink, and raising a glass in appreciation to the paleolithic hunters and gatherers who learned that fermented grains can actually be put to use in a most enjoyable way.

On this Friday, August 2nd, beer drinkers from brew pubs to baseball games will be imbibing in celebration. The beer drinkers themselves are as diverse and varied as the beers they drink, and depending on what and where they are drinking, require a wide assortment of drinking cups.

While the disposable varieties of beer glasses are not nearly as varied as their glass, ceramic, or metal counterparts, it is still important to know who needs which disposable beer cups. What follows is a sampling of cups well suited to match the beer and the drinker in a variety of drinking situations.

Fabri-kal Greenware has a line of clear plastic cups made entirely from plants. These eco-friendly cups have an upscale look that goes perfectly with a delicious organic, gluten-free micro brew! Fabri-kal can also custom print their cups, which is a great way for a bar, restaurant, or outdoor event to promote their name to the thirsty masses. The sturdy transparent cups come in 12, 16, 20, and 24 oz sizes,  and offer great visibility of the amber waves of grain in every cup. Plus, the plant-made composition will surely impress discriminating customers, while highlighting the deliciousness of the contents.

EMI Yoshi has a classy tumbler that serves as the perfect vessel for local craft beers, and offers a much more elegant presentation than a standard translucent cup. The Clear Ware tumbler is available in a 12, 14 or 16 oz size, and to the untrained eye, is strikingly similar to a traditional pint glass. These classy cups are great for catered events, weddings or galas where a disposable glass is preferred to washing hundreds of cups.

For more traditional events, there is the old standby favorite- the Dart Conex Translucent cup, available in 12 or 16 oz sizes, which are perfect for serving the every-man beers such as Miller or Budweiser. This old familiar favorite invokes images of summertime, where people gather together to watch an ’80’s cover band under a tattered festival tent while buying their tap beer with tickets. It’s an economical, sturdy option that has stood the test of time, and makes the beer-to-mouth journey a bit easier than direct from the tap.

Dart/Conex also has a line of Re-Pete transparent cups in 12, 14, or 16 oz sizes which are made from recycled PETE plastic bottles. These cups are also eco-friendly, have an attractive presentation, and can be custom printed to promote the establishment serving the beer. I wouldn’t recommend serving recycled beer, but a recycled cup is a nice touch that goes the extra mile to say “I care”.

partycupsDart Party Cups are another option that is perfect for drinking in bulk. Whether it’s a house party, a block party, or a work party, the Party Cup is a classic way to serve beer to a rowdy bunch of hooligans. It’s sturdy enough to throw ping-pong balls into, and has a solid lip and base that makes it an excellent candidate for other drinking games such as flip-cup. It’s opaque, colored exterior also makes it easy to write your name on it so that you don’t get it confused with someone else’s beer when you set it down. Whether it’s Keystone, Busch Lite, or Milwaukee’s Best, a Party Cup brings any cheap keg to life.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Huhtamaki has a cut crystal cup that screams “I’m Classy.” This pinky-up “glass” is great for serving imported beers or fancy lagers at a beer tasting event, a wedding, or a banquet. It looks as close to real glass as fake glass can get, yet no one will be in danger if someone toasts too vigorously and shatters the cup. Disposable and classy, this fancy cup makes beer-drinking folks feel like champagne sippers.

For the simple at-home beer lovers, there are several varieties of liquor bags from Duro that transport tasty brews from liquor store to living rooms. Whether it’s a six-pack, or a 40 oz bottle, these sturdy bags can be custom printed or served up plain to conveniently and discreetly get the beer home safely for consumption anytime.

This International Beer Day, be sure to toast to the worlds oldest and most universally enjoyed beverage- as always, make sure you consume responsibly, and never drink and drive (or drink and dial- that can end poorly too.) No matter how you drink your beer, have a fun and enjoyable International Beer Day!

To prepare for 2014, share this information with your customers and help them prepare for next year’s festivities with a celebration all their own. Are you thirsty yet?

© Copyright Amy Ullsperger, All rights Reserved. Written For: DSR Sales Support Blog

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