Reckitt’s Portion Control System Saves Customers Time and Money on Cleaning

It’s a well known fact that bulk products cost less per-unit than their smaller sized counterparts. The financial benefits of more product, less packaging is very appealing to most customers, especially in the cleaning industry.

The downfalls of bulk chemicals, however, include:

  • the messy spills when refilling
  • poor portion control leads to overuse/underuse
  • extra time spent pouring, measuring and mixing
  • the added hazards of chemical contact

Reckitt-Benckiser has developed a solution to these issues, making it easier, more efficient, and more economical to use bulk cleaning products without the downfalls of mixing. With the PRECISION BLEND Dilution System, customers will enjoy all of the benefits of Reckitt’s cleaning concentrates such as Lysol Concentrated Products, without the inconvenience and mess of mixing.

To make it even easier, Reckitt is offering Free Equipment, Free Installation, Free Repair, and Free Training and Support with every PRECISION BLEND Dilution System!

Prec BlendHaving proper portion control with Precision Blend means your customers will enjoy:

  • proper ratio of chemicals dispensed, ensuring product efficacy
  • the correct amount of dilution, avoiding under/overuse
  • controlled expenses through eliminated waste
  • low cost-per-use with concentrated formulas
  • safer use- no spilling!
  • more efficient use of time- no mixing!
  • quicker and easier filling of spray bottles and mop buckets

Saving time and money in today’s economy is smart business. When an opportunity to do both comes along with no charge to your customers, it’s genius! It’s easy to qualify** and can be arranged by calling the Precision Blend Coordinator at 1-866-425-9765.

To download Precision Blend literature, click here or visit our Literature by Vendor page to download the PDF. To see an example of Precision Blend at work, this video gives a good overview:

**Qualifications for free installation, repair and maintenance include: agreement to purchase Lysol concentrated product for 2 years, 2 case minimum purchase to start, and a 3 line minimum of installed products.

Call 1-866-425-9765 today for more information on getting started!

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