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Dart/SOLO – Product Catalog


Buyer’s Guides

Custom Print Brochure
Foam and Impact Plastic Dinnerware & Covers
Insulated Foam Cups, Containers, Bowls, Lids


Cups & Lids – Sell Sheets

Cafe G Print – Insulated Foam Cups
CocaCola Brand Stock Print – Insulated Foam Cups
Conex Galaxy | SOLO Party Cups
Duo Shield – Insulated Paper Cups
Fusion Cups – Insulated Cups
Horizon Stock Print – Insulated Foam Cups
Impulse Stock Print – Insulated Foam Cups
ThermoGlaze – Insulated Foam Cups
ThermoGuard – Insulated Paper Hot Cups
Trophy Plus – Dual Temperature Insulated Cups
Uptown Stock Print – Insulated Foam Cups
Wrapped Cup Solutions

Optima – Reclosable Lid
Specialty Lids
TraveLock – Reclosable Dome Lid


Cutlery – Sell Sheets

Impress Cutlery
Regal Cutlery
Reliance Cutlery


Dinnerware – Sell Sheets

Concorde – Non-Laminated Foam Dinnerware
Impact – Plastic Dinnerware
PresentaBowls – Clear Bowls & Lids
PresentaBowls Pro – Square Bowls & Lids
Safe Seal – Bowls
Silent Service – Heavy Laminated Foam Dinnerware
Quiet Classic – Laminated Foam Dinnerware


Food Containers- Sell Sheets

BoxLine – Containers, Hinged Lids
ClearPac – Containers & Lids
ClearPac – Safe Seal Containers
ClearSeal – Hinged Lid Containers
Expressions – Square Containers & Lids
Foam Hinged Lid Containers with Performer
OctaView – Hinged Lid Containers
StayLock – Clear Hinged Lid Containers


Conex Compliments – Portion Containers
Cup Inserts – Grab ‘n’ Go Solutions
Grab ‘n’ Go Ideas
Treated Paper Souffle Portion Cups
Solo Souffles – Portion Cups & Lids



Bare Eco-Forward Line – Sell Sheets

Full Line Bare Catalog

Bagasse Hinged Lid Containers
Paper Food Containers – VS SSPLA
Paper Hot Cups – PCF
Paper Hot Cups – SSPLA
RPET Clear Cups
RPET Deli Containers
Waxed Paper Cold Cups


Cutlery – Sell Sheets

Guildware – Cutlery


Cups – Sell Sheets

Full Line Guide – Hot Cup & Lid

Cold Cups & Lids – Product Feature Comparison Guide
Hot Cups & Lids – Product Feature Comparison Guide

Conex Galaxy | SOLO Party Cups
DSP Paper Cold Cups
Kids Cups – Unleash the Fun Cups
Paper Hot Cups
SoloServe – PET Sundae Cups
Ultra Clear – Cups and Lids


Dinnerware – Sell Sheets

Paper Dinnerware