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Product Guides/Catalogs

Ambience Solutions – For Hospitality Industry
Express Catering – Startup Guide
Lamp Guide
Tabletop Lighting Guide

Portable Warming & Catering Equipment Catalog
Foodservice Catalog
Sterno CandleLamp Product Guide
2010 CandleLamp Product Catalog

Green Literature

Green Commitment
CL Green Heat Flier
CL Green Heat Family- Sell Sheet
Green Heat 2 Hour- Spec Sheet


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SternoCandleLamp University

Welcome to Sterno CandleLamp University, your one-stop-shop for proper-usage and safety information for Sterno CandleLamp products.  Your course work includes:

  • Keeping You and Your Customers Safe
  • Instructional Videos
  • Training Your Staff
  • Material Safety Data Sheets

Click the image below to get started!