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Performance Plus Full Line Catalog

Sell Sheets-Cleaners

Aerosol Cleaners Line  – Sell Sheet
Dish Soap – Sell Sheet
NEW Bulk Liquid Cleaners Line  – Sell Sheet

Bulk Liquid Cleaner Cut Sheets

General Cleaning

PP21270-12 Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Cut Sheet
PP403001-41 Lavender Cleaner – Cut Sheet
PP40831-41 Citrus Neutral Cleaner – Cut Sheet
PP405012-41 Pine Multi-Purpose Cleaner – Cut Sheet
PP21524-12 General Carpet Spotter – Cut Sheet
PP75201-06 Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish – Cut Sheet
PP40291-41, PP21291-12 Glass & Surface Cleaner – Cut Sheet
PP70304-06 Linen Odor Eliminator – Cut Sheet

Skin Care

PP40211-41 Pink Lotion Skin Cleaner – Cut Sheet
PP40917-41 White Lotion Skin Cleaner – Cut Sheet
PP40517-41 Foaming Skin Cleaner, Dye & Fragrance Free – Cut Sheet
PP40377-41 Hair and Body Shampoo – Cut Sheet

Foodservice Cleaners

PP210062-12 Drain & Grease Trap Maintainer – Cut Sheet
PP402101-41 Heavy Duty Degreaser – Cut Sheet
PP40842-12 Delimer with Odor Control – Cut Sheet
PP401581-41, PP401581-08 Premium Dish Detergent – Cut Sheet
PP409112-41, PP409122-08 Deluxe Dish Detergent – Cut Sheet
PP409012-41 Lemon Dish Detergent – Cut Sheet
PP401012-41 Pink Dish Detergent – Cut Sheet

Sell Sheets-Can Liners

Can Liners Sell Sheet – 4 pg
Can Liners Sell Sheet – 2 pg

Sell Sheets-Hand Care

Foodservice Safety Program
Hand Care Full Line  – Sell Sheet

Manual Dispensers  – Cut Sheet
No Touch Dispensers M-Fit – Cut Sheet
No Touch Dispensers – Cut Sheet

PP7802F Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap – Cut Sheet
PP7804F E2 Sanitizing Hand Soap – Cut Sheet
PP7805F Hair & Body Shampoo – Cut Sheet
PP7808F Hand Sanitizer – No Alcohol – Cut Sheet
PP7820F Hand Sanitizer – 62% Alcohol – Cut Sheet
PP7800F Luxury Hand Soap – Cut Sheet

Sell Sheets-Mops & Brooms

Mops and Brooms Sell Sheet – 4 pg

Sell Sheets-Pads (floor and hand)

Floor and Hand Pads – Full Line