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PP00188-C4001 Performance Plus - Glass Cleaner - 1 gallon



Performance Plus Full Line Catalog

Sell Sheets-Cleaners

Aerosol Cleaners Line  – Sell Sheet
Bulk Liquid Cleaners Line  – Sell Sheet
Dish Soap – Sell Sheet

Sell Sheets-Can Liners

Can Liners Sell Sheet – 4 pg
Can Liners Sell Sheet – 2 pg

Sell Sheets-Hand Care

Foodservice Safety Program
Hand Care Full Line  – Sell Sheet

Manual Dispensers  – Cut Sheet
No Touch Dispensers M-Fit – Cut Sheet
No Touch Dispensers – Cut Sheet

PP7802F Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap – Cut Sheet
PP7804F E2 Sanitizing Hand Soap – Cut Sheet
PP7805F Hair & Body Shampoo – Cut Sheet
PP7808F Hand Sanitizer – No Alcohol – Cut Sheet
PP7820F Hand Sanitizer – 62% Alcohol – Cut Sheet
PP7800F Luxury Hand Soap – Cut Sheet

Sell Sheets-Mops & Brooms

Mops and Brooms Sell Sheet – 4 pg

Sell Sheets-Pads (floor and hand)

Floor and Hand Pads – Full Line

Bulk Liquid Cleaner Labels

0057-c4001 Performance Plus Neutral Floor Cleaner – Label
00188-c3001 Performance Plus Glass Cleaner Qt – Label
00188-c4001 Performance Plus Glass Cleaner Gal – Label
01021-P5002 Performance Plus Auto Dishwashing Destainer 5 Gal – Label
01024-P5006 Performance Plus Auto Dishwashing Rinse Aid 5 Gal – Label
01031-C4501 Performance Plus Delimer Gal – Label
01047-C3001 Performance Plus Oven & Grill Cleaner Qt – Label
01047-C4501 Performance Plus Oven & Grill Cleaner Gal – Label
01176-P5006 Performance Plus Floor Stripper 5 Gal – Label
01258-c4001 Performance Plus Liquid Laundry Detergent Gal – Label
01420-c4001 Performance Plus Enzyme Digester Gal – Label
01763-c4001 Performance Plus Pine Cleaner Gal – Label
01765-c3001 Performance Plus Alkaline Drain Opener Qt – Label
01806-c4001 Performance Plus Pink Dish Soap Gal – Label
01806-P5001 Performance Plus Pink Dish Soap 5 Gal – Label
01807-C4001 Performance Plus Pink Lotion Hand Soap Gal – Label
01825-C4001 Performance Plus Lavender Cleaner Gal – Label
02248-P5056 Performance Plus Auto Dishwashing Detergent 5 Gal – Label
02736-C4001 Performance Plus Foaming Hand Soap Gal – Label
03096-C4001 Performance Plus Degreaser Gal – Label
04094-C4001 Performance Plus Non-Butyl Degreaser Gal – Label