Score Big, With the Top Ten Super Bowl Supplies!

ballingrass200px-Super_Bowl_XLVIII_logoWith the excitement of the holidays behind us, the focus of many sports-loving Americans turns to the NFL’s biggest event of the year.

By now everyone is either a Denver or a Seattle fan, with their home team sidelined until Fall, as these two teams make their way to the most exciting television event of the year- Super Bowl XLVIII!

Super Stats

The Number One at-home party event of the year, the Super Bowl is second only to Thanksgiving in gluttonous consumption. The average party host will spend around $118 on food for guests, with chips and dip, popcorn and chicken wings likely filling every cup

Over 108 million people will be watching the game, including sports fans, commercial connoisseurs, and die-hard foodies. The majority of people watch from home, while an estimated 3 million+ fans will patronize a bar or pub to enjoy the festivities with strangers (and beer.)

How much beer, you ask? Well, enough to make January the biggest month for beer consumption in the US, with roughly 49 million cases of beer purchased for Super Bowl Sunday (which is why 6% of Americans will sheepishly call in sick to work on Super Monday.)

Super Sales

A party as huge as this is a sales opportunity that’s hard to miss. Whether your customer is a grocery store, a restaurant, a bar, or a convenience store, sales are sure to spike in preparation of Super Bowl weekend. Now is the time to have these plans in place with your customers to ensure sufficient supply of everything that celebratory super-fans will need for the big day.

So what items are sure to be a hit? The following list covers the top ten foodservice items that are essential for your customer’s party needs.

Top Ten Super Bowl Supplies

10. Paper Food TraysEmpress food trays are perfect for holding a huge mountain of wings, side of nachos, or to simply hold a sandwich or burger. They’re clay-coated for leak-resistance, which also makes them compostable.

9.   Clamshell Containers – Available in foam or paperboard, clamshell containers are perfect for take-out leftovers and delivery food during the game.  There are several options to choose from including those from Genpak and Pactiv, and sizes for everything from greasy burgers to chili-cheese fries…or a big salad, for those wanting a slimmed-down Super Bowl.

8.   Napkins – Anyone hosting a Super Bowl party, whether at home or a restaurant, knows there can never be enough of these in stock– especially if they serve up saucy wings!  Lapaco napkins can show off your team colors, and Nova is always an excellent economical choice for tidying up after the touchdown tasties.

7.  Canned Heat – Keeping warm dishes warm for an extended period of time can be a challenge, but SternoCandlelamp chafing fuel keeps those buffet snacks at the right temperature, so they can stay out into sudden death.

6.  Party Bombers – The top-rated offense in the country should be scoring some major points in this Super Bowl, which means there will be plenty of celebrations for every score!  Hopefully your customers have enough Emi Yoshi party bombers for the big day- ideal for mixing up whatever combo your customers come up with.


5.  Beer Cups – We’re knee-deep in the biggest beer-drinking month of the year, which means your customers will want to make sure they have enough Dart Conex or Fabri-Kal cups on hand to serve up all of their liquid libations. After all, what’s a Super Bowl Sunday without a Mega-Monday?

4.  Deli Platters – The big game also means big subs, as well as veggie platters, tortilla roll-ups, cookies, and more!  A Pactiv or Emi Yoshi platter will certainly do the trick to delightfully display your customers’ delicacies.

Mixed Pizza3.  Pizza Circles – Did you know the Super Bowl is the biggest pizza delivery day of the year?  From personal pizzas, to party pizzas that feed the whole team, think of all those Rock/Tenn and Southern Champion pizza circles that will be needed!

2.  Wax Paper Sheets – Endlessly useful for lining food trays or baskets to guard against messes, McNairn wax paper sheets are like protective gear for the dishes serving all the wings that will be heartily consumed during the game.

1.  Cutlery – For everyone not eating wings, there is always a need for eating utensils- a need fulfilled with Vintage cutlery. Available in bulk packaging, individually-wrapped, or as kits, it’s an economical stand-by that helps consumers avoid being penalized for illegal use of hands.

Whatever your customers are serving for the Superbowl, these ten items will be a slam dunk…er, I mean a touchdown! If your customers don’t happen to be in the foodservice business, then they will probably be at home like most of us, cheering on our team, watching commercials, and stuffing ourselves silly on all of the wonderful foods that will be served on, or in, the products you sell.


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