Se Habla Espanol- Spanish Literature Now Available!

RJ Schinner se enorgullece de ofrecer en español catálogos, folletos y hojas de vender, a medida para su negocio. A RJ Schinner trabajamos duro para reconocer las necesidades particulares de nuestros clientes, y hacer todo lo posible para asegurarse de que esas necesidades sean satisfechas. Uno de los aspectos más importantes del buen servicio al cliente es sólida comunicación, algo que no siempre es fácil cuando se trata de clientes que utilizan el Inglés como segunda lengua.

If you had any trouble reading that, then you understand what it’s like to be a Spanish speaking resident of an English-speaking society. That understanding is what led to RJ Schinner’s development of Spanish-language literature. (The above paragraph, as well as further information, is translated below.)

RJ Schinner is proud to now offer Spanish-language catalogs, flyers and sell sheets, customized for your business. At RJ Schinner we work hard to recognize the unique needs of our customers, and do everything we can to ensure that those needs are met. One of the most important aspects of good customer service is solid communication- something that isn’t always easy when dealing with customers that use English as a second language.


As of 2007, 2.3 million businesses in the United States are Hispanic owned. While at least 75% of Hispanic Americans spoke Spanish at home as of 2010, only about half of those claim to speak English “very well”, proving that there is a strong need for reps to be able to communicate in Spanish to better serve their customers. In order to help you maintain strong lines of communication with all of your customers, RJ Schinner has developed Spanish catalogs, flyers and sell sheets, made-to-order as you need them, so that communication gaps will never stop you from offering the best service possible.

While all DSR’s may not be fluent in Spanish, it is certain that they have customers who are. Being able to serve your customer in a way they can relate to is incredibly valuable, and will serve to further strengthen your relationships through better service. Contact or speak to your sales representative today for information on ordering your custom Spanish catalogs or literature, or log in to RJ Schinner‘s website for details.

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