Simplify Sanitation with Steramine 1-G Tablets

Pint CloseupWould you have a pint of beer with a perfect stranger? What if you had to share the same cup? I’m sure most people would cringe at the idea, simply because you just never know where that mouth has been.

That is exactly why in commercial applications, the law requires a third sink sanitation system. Without this important third step, infectious diseases can easily be spread through beer glasses, spoons, or anything that comes in contact with a stranger’s bodily fluids.

There’s a conveniently packaged, pre-portioned product on the market for sanitizing purposes called Steramine 1-G. In a handy tablet form, these little germ-killers dissolve easily in water, and measure out as an easy-to-remember one tablet per gallon. Filling a 5 gallon sink? Use 5 tablets.

With 150 tablets per bottle, your customers get 150 gallons of sanitizing power in each bottle- with 72 bottles per case, they have 10,800 gallons of sanitation, which is about enough to fill an entire backyard swimming pool (that’s a lot of dishes!)

pre_meassured water_blueSteramine 1-G is also safe on hands, odorless, and non-irritating, AND it turns the water blue. Why is this important? Well, a sink or a spray bottle filled with bleach or non-colored sanitizer is at risk of being mistaken for plain water, increasing the likelihood of inadvertent mixing that can lead to dangerous chemical reactions, or even accidental ingestion. A blue tint says “I’m working hard at killing germs!”

Steramine 1-G Tablets are approved by the EPA, FDA, and the US Public Health Service as a foodservice-safe sanitizer, and it boasts the ability to even kill the most dangerous of infectious diseases included HIV/AIDS. For a full list of efficacy claims, download the Efficacy Summary.

For the convenience and safety that your foodservice customers require, these handy little tablets are killing machines that ensure that patrons are not sharing a glass with the last person to drink a beer- it’s like a brand new cup, every time.┬áTo learn more, and to educate your customers on the features and usage of Steramine 1-G, download the sell sheet here or visit out Literature by Vendor page and look for Steramine.


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