Specialized Green Cleaning Products You Didn’t Know Existed

The market these days has been seeing a significant green shift in product choices- in any given retail store, there could be anywhere from one to five different manufacturers for green cleaning products! Years ago, if consumers wanted greener cleaning, they chose from baking soda, vinegar, or ammonia to clean. Now, there is a growing amount of more specialized options, giving customers nearly as much variety in eco-friendly cleaning lines as there are in traditional cleaning product lines! This is great news for your customers.

Earth Friendly Products in Distribution

earth friendly products green cleaningOne of the early innovators of green cleaning is Earth Friendly Products, the leader in consumer bio-based, environmental cleaning products. They got their start with success in retail sales, and in recent years have begun selling to distributors as well, making their popular ECOS Laundry Detergents, DishMate Dish Detergents, and Orange and Parsley All-Purpose Cleaners available through wholesalers as well in stores.

As you have seen, many of your customers are now pushing towards more sustainable practices as part of greener business initiatives. Schools, offices, corporations, and even national retail chains such as Goodwill Industries practice green cleaning, using only Green Seal Certified cleaners and soaps in all of their stores. Earth Friendly Products is committed to supporting these company’s green cleaning initiatives by developing a large variety of products specific to a variety of business applications.

Earth Friendly’s Green Cleaning Specialty Offerings

Furniture Polish-  This Olive-Oil based cleaner cares for finished and unfinished wood surfaces with 100% sustainable, plant-based ingredients that gently clean while restoring the beauty of the wood with natural conditioners. Easy replacement for aerosol equivalents that also protects wood from damage due to low humidity.ready-chef-1382058-m

Stainless Steel Cleaner- Unrivaled water-based formula effortlessly deep cleans, polishes and protects stainless steel without any fumes! Will not leave streaks, hazing or oily residue behind, and is ideal for cleaning elevators, escalators, kitchen equipment, drinking fountains, kick plates, manufacturing machinery, baggage claim areas and more!

Toilet Bowl Cleaner-  Toilet Kleener™ is a natural, 100% plant-based alternative to acidic bowl cleaners. The thick formulation clings to vertical surfaces for maximum cleaning power. Removes stains and deposits without scratching, etching, staining, or harming surfaces.

green cleaning shower kleenerShower Cleaner- Shower Kleener™ is two products in one! First, it’s a light-duty cleaner for shiny surfaces. Second, it creates a protective shield to prevent the build-up of mineral deposits and soap residue. Made with 100% sustainable, plant-based ingredients, it leaves surfaces shiny, tack-free, and protected.

Non-Abrasive Cleanser- Creamy Cleanser™ replaces the use of harsh scouring powders in removing soap scum, hard water stains, dried-on food, and organic residue marks. It is made with 100% sustainable, plant-based ingredients that provide a natural abrasiveness that cleans without scratching, etching or damaging surfaces.

Drain Opener- Enzyme-based drain opener and maintainer that replaces dangerous toxic drain openers. Formulated with a creative mixture of four different enzymes that breakdown fats, starches and proteins for a quick and safe solution to clogged drains.green cleaning graffitti remover It’s also worlds safer than the harsh, dangerous chemicals in other drain cleaners!

Graffitti Remover- The safe and easy way to remove unwanted graffiti. Effectively removes paint, ink, permanent marker, crayon and adhesive from any hard surface. Penetrates and remove graffiti from porous surfaces such as brick, stone or concrete.

Whiteboard Cleaner- Prodigy product! Will clean dry-erase marker ghosting and residue from any whiteboard, marker board, dry-erase board, dry-wipe board or pen-board. Restores whiteboard surface to like-new condition without affecting surface for future use.

Certifiably Green

With everything Earth Friendly Products has to offer, it’s no wonder they are a powerful player in the world of green cleaning. With certifications and support from various organizations such as Design for the Environment, Healthy Child Healthy World, Green Hotels Association, USDA BioPreferred, and other partners, EFP Proline offers certifiably green cleaning solutions for your customers that are seeking to meet their green business initiatives. For more information, click here to read all about Earth Friendly’s certifications.

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For literature on these and other green products, visit our Green Product Literature page to download PDF brochures and sell sheets that will assist your customers in choosing greener products.


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