Solaris Paper Announces Improvements to Hand Towels

Solaris Paper, formerly known as Oasis Brands, has rolled out product changes to select paper towel SKUs in an effort to continue their commitment to added value and sustainability for their paper products. These subtle modifications include adding a new product to the Livi VPG line and also enhancing the Livi Basic multi-fold towel. Read on to learn more about these changes, and understand how they’ll effect your customers.

In With The New

The new Livi VPG 43514 is a 9.5″ x 9″ multi-fold paper towel, packaged in 16 packs of 250 1-Ply sheets featuring the same great quality that is expected of the VPG line.  The Livi VPG 43514 replaces the lighter and less absorbent Livi VPG 43512.  As with all Solaris Paper towels, this product is LEED certified and can be used to earn LEED credit points for your customers’ sustainable initiatives.

The other product improvement announced by Solaris is the economical Livi Basic 43513 multi-fold towel which also comes in 16 packs of 250 9.5″ x 9″ 1-Ply sheets.  This Livi Basic towel has been enhanced  for visual and texture purposes by upgrading the sheet with greater fiber consistency.  Solaris enhanced the embossed texture to increase the performance of the towel’s absorbency by adding more surface area to soak up moisture. The increased embossing will also allow users to select fewer towels at a time when they dry their hands by providing an easier-to-grab surface.

Both the 43514 and the 43513 multi-fold towels are perfectly sized to fit in the Rite-Fold Towel Dispenser, which features an opening optimized for fewer towels per hand dry and reduces waste from towels falling out of the dispenser. This is better both for the environment and your bottom line.

Nvi Dispenser ProgramNVI dispenser

Solaris Paper offers several varieties of premium dispensers for their paper towels through an exceptional lease program.  Whether it is for a restroom, healthcare setting, school, or anywhere else, these reliable dispensers add a modern appearance  to any wash area.  Your customers will enjoy the ability to choose between a hands-free dispenser for roll towels or bath tissue, or a manual dispenser for bath tissue or multi-fold towels, depending on the needs of the end-user.

A hands-free dispenser prevents wasted paper towels as it will allocate enough towels for a person to dry their hands, while promoting a touchless, hygienic hand drying method. Solaris Paper offers a convenient leasing program for their dispensers that allows their customers to keep it once the lease is expired.

To view the dispenser options available or for more information on leasing, visit or contact your local sales representative.

Why Solaris?


Adding Solaris Paper towels to any wash area indicates a clear environmentally responsible choice.   Solaris already receives most of its fiber from Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) who only develop on grounds not forested.  Made with rapidly renewable resources, including Rapidly Renewable Fiber (RRF), all of their disposable towel products meet the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certifications.

RRF trees, as shown in the image, take much less time to harvest than a regular tree so that more harvesting on less land takes place.  In Solaris’s sustainability flyer, it also describes the benefits of  just using RRF instead of recycled paper:  “Due to the nature of paper fiber, there’s no question that RRF products are brighter, whiter, and softer.”  Besides these benefits to the paper towel, it also eliminates the recycling footprint resulting in a paper towel that is also produced at a low cost to the environment.  As an industry leader in using RRF in their products, Solaris sets itself far apart from the competition by producing quality paper products at a minimum cost to the environment.

For literature on these and other Solaris Products, visit our Vendor Literature page to download catalogs, sell sheets and brochures to share with your customers.

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