Trick or Treat! Top 5 Best Toilet Papers for Halloween

toilet paper prank

Warning- Do not try this at home!

Happy Halloween!

This is the time of the year filled with fond memories of candy, bobbing for apples (does anyone bob anymore?) and hilarious pranks and scares. For adults with children, it’s a day to bundle up and venture out to knock on doors for free candy.

While teens and kids are out having fun hanging toilet paper from trees, you’re busy selling it. Just for today, imagine that you have a customer in need of the ideal toilet paper for TP-ing. What would you suggest?

This Halloween, we’ve come up with a top 5 list of the best toilet papers for TP-ing, or “house wrapping”. This will be a very handy reference if you suddenly find yourself selling to end users that happened to be 14 year old boys, so read on and find out which products hold up under the strain of being airborne!

  1. Longest Toilet Paper Roll: Vintage Jumbo Tissue #25040 – This jumbo roll has 2000 feet of paper on a tight 3.3″ core. If you’d rather carry one giant roll than a car full of smaller rolls, this big boy will cover even the tallest tree with ease. It’s also a sturdy 2 ply, meaning you can really toss that roll and keep a solid stream of paper flowing.
  2. Strongest Toilet Paper Roll: Charmin Ultra Strong #81004 – A compact, handheld roll that holds it’s position through any weather, Charmin Ultra Strong is a thick, 2 ply tissue that holds a lot of moisture without breaking. Rain or shine, it’s a strong paper- coming in with 96 rolls per case, it’s also a paper that could effortlessly handle a full city block with 5 toilet paper
  3. Greenest Toilet Paper Roll: Atlas Green Heritage #800 – Atlas Green Heritage is made from 100% recycled fiber, somewhat easing the guilt of wasting it in a tree. It’s also Green Seal certified, ensuring that since it comes from trees, and is recycled, returning it to a tree will seem perfectly natural to complete the cycle. It’s also on an economy sized 9″ roll, allowing for 575′ of green paper goodness.
  4. Largest Toilet Paper Sheet Size: Advantage Bath Tissue #A2200 – What difference does sheet size make, you ask? Well, a young sapling does not require as many sheets as an old stately oak would. A good sheet size means that you could get the job done with less sheets on the roll, and Advantage gives you 500 hearty 4.5″ x 4.25″ sheets on every roll.
  5. Most Unique Toilet Paper Roll: Cascades Moka #4134 – Cascades has revolutionized the world of toilet paper, by making available a non-bleached, kraft-colored toilet paper roll. It’s so green, it’s brown! Why be all of the other tp-ers on the block, throwing boring, white toilet paper? Be the one to break the mold, with Moka- with 400 good-sized mocha-colored sheets per roll, you’ll add a naturally green element to the landscape.

Now, I hope you don’t take this seriously and run out with a bulk box of toilet paper, but if you decide to be so foolish, you’re well informed on our top picks. This list can also apply to customer’s inquiries when choosing the right toilet paper- but whatever you choose to do with it, do it safely, and have a happy Halloween!

For more information or sell sheets on any of these great products, visit our Vendor Literature page.

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