Who Won Product of the Year for 2013?

Product of the Year USA honored the nation’s most innovative consumer packaged goods of 2013 at its fifth annual Awards Ceremony, held in New York City on Tuesday, Feb. 12th. So, which products were chosen? With 50,000 consumers weighing in, Reckitt-Benckiser received accolades for two innovative and exciting products- FINISH┬« QUANTUM™ with New Power Gel and RESOLVE┬« All-Stains were among the top brands awarded at the ceremony! RJ Schinner currently carries the commercial packaging of Resolve in RTU as well as bulk sizes.

finishquantum“Every year, new products are introduced into the marketplace and shoppers spend an extraordinary amount of time analyzing prices and features,” said Colleen Kelly, managing director, Product of the Year USA. “No other award out there looks at products the way we do, and our goal is to make it easier for consumers to choose the best of the best. Now in our 5th year in the United States and 26th year worldwide, the Product of the Year seal has proven to make brands stand out in the marketplace.”resolve

The two products were selected as the winners in the Home Care and Stain Removal Categories, and as of March 1st, consumers will be able to recognize them on shelves by their fancy red “Product of the Year” badge that will be featured on packaging, in advertising, and on in-store displays.

Diversey also took home two awards in the laundry categories for Surf Liquid Laundry Detergent and All Mighty Pacs laundry detergent from the Sun Products line which RJ Schinner began carrying for commercial use in Fall of 2012 (which sell sheets are available for on our Literature by Vendor page.)

To take advantage of the buzz on these products, be sure to inform your customers of the high honor that these awards come along with. As the world’s largest consumer-voted program that recognizes innovation and honors the most cutting-edge, must-have consumer packaged goods in the market, these products are soon to be in high demand. Be prepared to proudly announce to your customers that these products have been reviewed and praised by consumers across the country!

For more information on these and other Product of the Year Award recipients, visit the Product of the Year 2013 website.

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