Winter Innovation: Snow & Go Ice Melt

snow&goAs the reality of winter settles in (thanks to the latest polar vortex taking hold of the US) it’s time to prepare for another season of widespread deep freezes. To help ease the pains of snow and ice removal this year, an innovative new product has entered the market to add to your customer’s arsenal.

Introducing, Snow & Go! With a mixture that is only 1/3 salt, Snow & Go is a unique combination of ice-melting rock salt, and highly absorbent clay. This mixture serves a three-fold purpose:

  • The salt melts the ice and snow
  • The clay particles absorb the liquid as it melts before it can refreeze
  • The expanded clay particles embed in the ice for traction as it melts

In addition to having the added benefits of enhanced safety and reduced liability on sidewalks, driveways and parking lots, Snow & Go offers several additional benefits that will help to ease the pains of winter:

  • The all-natural formula is non-toxic and contains only 1/3 salt by volume.
  • Reduce negative impact of salt on lawn, plants and pets, with less salt residue stains.
  • Less harmful to concrete.
  • Long lasting traction granules will not turn to mud and helps prevent slip & fall accident.
  • Traction granules absorb water to help prevent re-freeze.
  • All natural user-friendly formula contains no added chemicals or dyes and darkens for controlled application and easy visibility on ice.
  • No clumping and no oily residue.
  • No special disposal required as traction granules are a natural soil conditioner.

As the deep freeze continues through most of the country, give Snow & Go a try, and see the difference with this exciting winter innovation. For more information, check out the video below that explains the science behind Snow & Go Winter Traction Aid and Ice Melter.

To learn more, or to share this information with your customers, view and download literature for Snow & Go here.



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