A Natural Whiteboard Cleaner, Perfect for School Bid Season

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Messy chalkboards are nearly obsolete.

Gone are the days of students having to take turns clapping the dust from erasers, or washing the dusty residue from the chalkboard. I sometimes miss the smell of chalk dust from my childhood, but it’s nice to know that students today are seldom exposed to chalk-dust inhalants, as most schools have replaced the old dusty blackboard with modern, cleaner whiteboards.

Whiteboards are much easier to read, don’t have occasionally piercing screeches of chalk, and are much easier to keep clean. After several weeks of constant usage, however, even a brand new whiteboard is subject to ghosting, a phenomenon caused by the dry-erase ink bleeding into the material of the whiteboard. This can be very frustrating to teachers, who are faced with the difficulty of writing over stains that won’t come out. It can also be difficult on schools with tight budgets that may fear having to replace whiteboards. Fortunately, ghosting is a simple problem, with a simple solution. What causes ghosting, you ask?

Heavy Duty Whiteboard Cleaner from Earth FriendlyWhiteboard “Ghosting” is often caused by a few common errors:

  • Using dirty erasers
  • Wiping ink that is still wet
  • Using the wrong type of marker
  • Frequent or heavy use

Cleaning ink stains from the board can be difficult, and if it isn’t cleaned, the board becomes illegible. Some websites suggest rubbing alcohol, but in most settings, especially schools or offices, having toxic or flammable chemicals laying around isn’t the best idea.

Earth Friendly Products has developed a solution that:

  • Cleans whiteboards (and desks!) completely and safely
  • Removes ghosting and shadowing stains
  • Restores whiteboards to like-new condition
  • Is an all product made with non-toxic, plant-based materials

This is an ideal product for schools, especially considering the all-natural, plant-based formulation. What’s better is, Earth Friendly Products cost as much or less than non-“green” products, and work as well or better. It’s an ideal way for schools to support greener initiatives, save money, extend the life of their whiteboards, and provide a safe environment for students and faculty.

Even though this is the time of year when students are dreaming about summer vacation, it’s also the time of year where schools are looking ahead to Fall contracts. As a salesperson, finding the right solution for your customers problems is what makes you successful- this school bid season, teach your customers about Earth Friendly Heavy Duty Whiteboard Cleaner, and the benefits to them and their students. Obtain a sample bottle, and demonstrate the cleaning power- your customers will be amazed.

The cleaner is available in 17 oz. bottles, 1-gallon bottles, 5-gallon pails, and 50-gallon drums to suit everything from a one room schoolhouse to major university. To download sell sheets for Heavy Duty Whiteboard Cleaner, click here or visit our Literature by Vendor page for more information.

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