About the Blog

The RJ Schinner DSR Support Blog is a Knowledge Warehouse for the distributor sales rep. The DSR Blog offers in-depth product information in the form of articles, videos, sell sheets, and product flyers that are geared towards assisting DSRs in communicating product features and benefits to their customers.

As a true partner in success, RJ Schinner has designed the DSR blog to increase product and industry knowledge by giving distribution sales representatives everything they need to be successful. Optimized for web, smartphone, or tablet the RJ Schinner DSR Blog provides easy-access to current vendor and RJ Brand information that DSRs need, anytime or anyplace.

Browse through hundreds of vendor sell sheets and brochures available for download in PDF format or visit the quarterly vendor rebates page to view rebates and offers from RJ Schinner’s major vendors. Whatever resources are needed, the Distributor Sales Rep has easy access to everything they need all in one convenient place.

Sell sheets and product information are also available for RJ Schinner’s Exclusive brands including Empress, Performance Plus, Nova, Simple Earth and Strongman — RJ’s exclusive brands have the premium, economic and eco-friendly options customers are looking for.

Is there something you would like to see posted to the blog or do you have new product information or an announcement you would like to see on the RJ Schinner DSR Support Blog? Contact us at info@rjschinner.com.