Dispensing Reimagined, Style Reinvented

RJ Schinner is now carrying the latest technology in proprietary dispensers with Kruger Products’ Titan® Bold dispensing line.* The Titan® Bold line provides everything a customer could ask for with superior performance and controlled dispensing to manage paper costs. In both black and white color options, its ultra-modern, edgeless design and gleaming sheen makes Titan® Bold the ideal dispensing system for any washroom.

Servicing a public washroom is no easy feat, with concerns of maintaining functionality with heavy foot traffic. The Titan® Bold dispensing line provides hand towel and bathroom tissue dispensing solutions for any public facility, offering savings on paper usage, and on maintenance staff servicing times that will positively impact your bottom line.

Customers can choose from a number of dispenser options. The Electronic Hybrid Roll Towel dispenser, with a dual functioning back-up mechanical override lever, allows for constant access to paper even when the batteries run out. The Smooth-Cut Roll Towel dispenser with new “suspension-like” rollers uses integrated roll dampening technology, a first to the North American market, to ensure effortless, clean-cut dispensing every time. Lastly, the Mini-Max®2 Jumbo Bath Tissue dispenser takes up minimal stall space without compromising on efficiency, holding the equivalent of 10 conventional bathroom tissue rolls.

The newest dispensing line to the proprietary Ultimate Washroom® Collection, Titan® Bold, has proven its efficient performance and continues to turn heads since its launch in 2018. Titan® Bold reimagines what a washroom can be.

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*Currently these new dispensers are only available in Distribution Centers East of the Mississippi River.

Items may not be available in all locations. Contact your RJ Schinner Sales Rep for more information.

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